Integrated Report/Annual Report

The "Integrated Report" is issued in place of the "Annual Report" from 2021.

Integrated Report 2021

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Integrated Report 2021 (Itemized)

  • Chapter 1  About Tokyo Electron

    [2 MB]

  •  ・Corporate Philosophy/Management Policies
     ・CEO’s Message
     ・TEL Values
     ・Company Overview
     ・Financial and Non-financial Highlights
     ・Characteristics of Production Equipment Business

  • Chapter 2  Material Issues and Values Provided

    [2 MB]

  •  ・Material Issues
     ・Medium-term Management Plan
     ・Value Creation Model
     ・Stakeholder Engagement
     ・The Driving Forces behind Our Company

  • Chapter 3  Value Creation by the Value Chain

    [3 MB]

  •  ・Initiatives in the Value Chain
          - Research and Development  - Procurement and Manufacturing  - Sales  - Installation and Maintenance Services
     ・Sustainability Initiatives in the Value Chain
          - Environment  - Safety  - Human Rights  - Supply Chain Management  - Human Resources
          - Quality  - Continuous Improvement of Business Operations  - Corporate Governance
          - Message from the Chairman of the Board  - Compliance  - Risk Management  - Information Security
          - Engagement with Capital Markets  - Evaluation from Third-Party Institutions

  • Chapter 4  Achieving Greater Growth

    [923 KB]

  •  ・Aiming to Be a Truly Excellent Global Company

  • Data Section

    [1 MB]

  •  ・Financial Review
     ・Consolidated Eleven-Year Summary
     ・Sustainability Data
     ・Consolidated Subsidiaries
     ・Stock Information

  • Financial Section

    [224 KB]

  •  ・Consolidated Financial Statements
     ・Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
     ・Business-Related and Other Risks
     ・Independent Auditor’s Report