Higher productivity

Pursuit of operational efficiency

We will expand the following initiatives in the “Pursuit of operational efficiency.”

  • Promote the standardization and automation of operations and improve productivity along the entire value chain, such as through the development of an enterprise resource planning system and the integration of business systems in each division and unification of databases
  • Recognize the importance of quality management and strive to further improve business efficiency by implementing quality focus operations
  • Implement quality improvement activities and continuously increase productivity throughout the entire supply chain through collaboration with suppliers

SDGs initiatives

  • Promote productivity, continuously increase management efficiency, contribute to the development of the industry and society, and contribute to sustainable economic growth
  • Increase economic productivity through diversification, technological improvement and innovation
  • Promote streamlined business operations and quality management throughout the value chain, ensuring sustainable forms of production and consumption
  • Use environmentally appropriate chemical substances and reduce waste
  • Continuously increase productivity throughout the entire supply chain by strengthening global partnerships with suppliers

Other Material Issues