Surface Preparation system ZETA™ Series

Unique strip and clean capability in a flexible, economical, and production proven platform from the industry leader in batch spray wet processing.

The ZETA™ spray clean system provides the most effective and flexible batch solution for stripping of photoresist and other films, as well as general clean. Its unique ViPR™ technology offers the highest performance and lowest cost for resist, silicide and general film stripping needs. High temperature process of ViPR™ enables rapid removal of various heavy dozed photoresists and other organic films which are the most difficult material to remove with minimum consumable costs and maximum throughput. Delivering efficiency well beyond that achieved by other single wafer clean systems on the market. Post etch clean for both front-end and back-end are also available, as are RCA clean and DHF wet etch. The ZETA™ series has a large number of customer install base across industry. The system is available as fully-automated solution for 300/200mm wafers and as a semi-auto solution for 150/200mm wafers.

ZETA™ 200/300

The fully automated ZETA™ 300 and ZETA™ 200 systems feature automated transfer of wafer batches from incoming FOUPs (300mm) or SMIF pods (200mm) to the process chamber, in a full mini-environment to ensure minimal added particles. The unique, high temperature ViPR™ process is available for high performance and low cost stripping of resist, silicide, and other films. Batch spray processing provides a much more economical alternative to single wafer resist strip solutions. ZETA™ systems can be configured with up to 8 different chemical inputs to a single, closed chamber, and provide the flexibility to blend chemicals or change mix ratios and temperatures within a recipe. Fully automated systems are also available in 200mm.

ZETA™ Semi-auto

For using wafer transport without wafer pods, the ZETA™ SA (Semi-Auto) is also available and features the same chemical capabilities including high temperature ViPR™ processing. The ZETA™ Semi-auto is also a suitable solution for users of the discontinued MERCURY™ product who are looking to upgrade to better stripping and defect performance. Both 200mm and 150mm wafer batches can be processed by the same machine, with only a simple hardware change.

Product comparison

ZETA™ 200/300ZETA™ Semi-auto
Wafer size (mm)200300150200
AvailabilityNew, Certified usedNew, Certified used
Wafer per batch10050150100
Throughput lilmit (hardware)450230675450
On water temp capabililty>200℃>200℃
Spray methodDirectional atomizationDirectional atomization
ViPR capableYesYes
Chemical dispenseFresh single pass or recirculatedFresh single pass or recirculated