Etch system UNITY™ Series

The long-selling etch system has been receiving a lot of attention from the SiC market

The UNITY™ achieves excellent cost performance for plasma etch process within 200mm wafer, which provides exceptional reliability and productivity. Recent years, the system has a great deal and favorable approval through demonstration of high performance Si/SiC trench etch process for leading-edge power devices manufacturing.

UNITY™ Me+ is a successor to the UNITY™ Me dry etch platform that has received high acclaim for 200mm or smaller wafer processing. The renewal of UNITY™ Me in 2021 has significantly extended the support life for the product. The system can be configured with DRM and SCCM™ chambers for SiO2/SiN etch as well as chambers for Si/SiC trench etch. The system supports 100/150/200mm wafer sizes and has a track record of processing Si wafers as well as LT, LN, and other compound wafers. TEL uses an in-house demo tool to evaluate to solve customers’ process issues and achieve the required performance.

Product comparison

UNITY™ Me+ OxUNITY™ Me+ Si &
Wafer size (mm)200100,150,200100,150,200
AvailabilityNew, Certified usedNew, Certified used
Number of chambers1-41-4
ProcessOx, SiN, HM, EB, Contact, Via,
Trench, SAC, Spacer, DD
Trench, EB, TSV
SubstratesSi, glass, SiC, sapphire, LN, LT, AlTicSi, SiC, Glass
SafetyS2, CE, ROWS2, CE, ROW
Additional sizes w/wafer holder (mm)square75, squareN/A