Gas Cluster Ion Beam system UltraTrimmer Series

Leading trimming technology to bring significant contribution to quality improvement of RF devices

Accelerating growth of mobile networks for smart society by leading-edge smartphones, intelligent cars and innumerable connected IoT devices is expanding the business opportunities for frequency control devices which consist of a number of RF filters. As the cellular market moves to higher frequencies, sensitive control is highly required to meet 4G as well as pre-5G and 5G deployment needs. An energetic, directional, chemical Gas Cluster Ion Beam (GCIB) is used for trimming process to control device parameters of RF filters, MEMS, photonic devices, and other various applications. TEL’s UltraTrimmer series provides precise control of film thickness by reducing surface roughness. Cutting edge technology enables industry leading performance: sub-nanometer thickness control, a wide range of dynamic correction and high-throughput processing. UltraTrimmer series realizes a variety of custom process profiles for silicon or compound substrate and contributes to yield improvement and performance enhancement.

UltraTrimmer Plus™

UltraTrimmer Plus™ brings unique trimming technology for 100/150/200mm wafer with industry leading corrective etch capabilities and best in class cost of ownership. To provide higher yield manufacturing, UltraTrimmer Plus™ proposes the most effective solution to reduce various material properties. Its corrective etch enables significant quality improvement of critical layers. Incorporating high accuracy X-Y stage wafer scanning system and newly developed LSP software into APC, through using wafer level metrology data, the system enables film surface planarization and improves etch depth profile of deep trench and hole. Without any hardware changes, the system can handle variety of wafer sizes seamlessly. UltraTrimmer Plus™ provides various applications such as frequency trimming of SAW, BAW and FBAR filters, film surface smoothing of MEMS devices or other timing devices through mechanical and chemical mass etch.

  • Customer yield map: Devices at target frequency (1)

  • Customer yield map: Devices at target frequency (2)

Product comparison

UltraTrimmer Plus™
Wafer size (mm)100,150,200
ProcessGCIB(Gas Cluster Ion Beam)
GasNF3, O2, N2, Ar
Performance1σ thickness variation <1nm
ApplicationsEtching(Frequency trimming, Thickness trimming),
Film Conversion(Oxidation, Nitridation),
Film smoothing …etc.
FeaturesHigh throughput and low CoO,
Corrective etching (Location specific processing),
Room temperature process(No damage, Charging)