Etch system Tactras™ Series

Tactras™, a leading technology provider with proven experience since 2006

Tactras™ series is the latest etch system from TEL. It is capable of continuous vacuum transfer of 300mm wafers and can support up to 6 process chambers with the option to add post process chambers. Tactras™ achieves the world's highest level of wafer transfer speed and footprint. It has been adopted by many customers and continues to evolve since its launch in 2006.

Tactras™ Vigus™

Tactras™ Vigus™ is a highly reliable 300mm plasma etch system that enhances etch process productivity. Scaling at advanced technology nodes makes the etch process more and more crucial. As the solution for etch process challenges, Tactras™ Vigus™ provides customized options for high aspect ratio holes, trench etch, mask and dielectric etch, and BEOL dielectric etch. The common base product design allows, Tactras™ Vigus™ to be built for specific applications. Yield improvement is required even as the device structure is becoming more complex. To deliver etch requirements with high productivity, advanced design technologies have been implemented to achieve excellent wafer uniformity, low wafer-to-wafer variation and high selectivity for thin film stop layers while maintaining high etch rate. Up to 6 Vigus™ chambers can be installed on the Tactras™ platform. Tactras™ Vigus™ contributes to maximizing improve productivity for semiconductor manufactures with industry leading tool availability by minimizing offset in machine-to-machine and chamber-to-chamber with robust design, particle reduction techniques, introducing unit-assembly inspection method before shipment, and unique labor-saving automated functions.

Certas LEAGA™

Certas LEAGA™ is an environment-friendly, high-throughput gas chemical etch system designed for 300mm wafers to provide surface etch and cleaning without the use of liquids. Its dry processing features watermark-free, unique selectivity performance over various SiO2 films and precise control of interface cleaning. It offers greater flexibility when combined with TEL’s cleaning system. Certas LEAGA™ supports a number of isotropic process requirements for 3D-structure devices with high utilization capability and low cost operation through its plasma-free solution. Up to six dual-wafer processing chambers can be installed on a single platform to satisfy various process requirements. Easily configurable process units that enables device scaling and enhanced productivity. Certas LEAGA™ provides highly precise process solutions such as surface pre-cleaning of Si contact formation, oxide film removal and etch back, selective etch in high-aspect 3D structure, and precise recess process, and has been widely adopted by global semiconductor manufactures from volume manufacturing to next generation development.

  • Selectivity by Th-Ox

  • HCD-SiN selectivityand DCS-SiN selectivity (SiO2/SiN)

Tactras™ Vesta™

Tactras™ Vesta™ is a 300mm wafer processing plasma etch system that provides enhanced control of plasma density and dissociation with its high frequency source plasma, utilizing the concept of capacitive coupled plasma chamber. Vesta™ is equipped with a unique PDC (Plasma Distribution Control) technology that enables radial distribution control of plasma density. Tactras™ Vesta™ owns a high market share in a key application of cutting-edge memory.

Tactras™ RLSA™

Tactras™ RLSA™ provides an innovative, new plasma technology that TEL has been optimizing for years. Microwave technology provides high selectivity and excellent etch-profile control with low electron temperature of the radical-rich process by diffusion plasma. In addition, the output microwave stability, high repeatability, and process operation range has been improved with microwave broadband technology which enables precise control of the radical/ion ratio for high profile controllability. Tactras™ RLSA™ has a high market share for a critical application in leading-edge logic devices.

Tactras™ DRM

Tactras™ DRM magnetron etch system has Dipole Ring Magnet within its plasma chamber. By applying a horizontal magnetic field, DRM makes it possible to achieve mid-density and low dissociation plasma and dipole ring magnet creates a gradient magnetic field which helps achieves uniform plasma. Tactras™ DRM has been widely adopted by many customers and is still active in production today since its launch in the 1990's,

Tactras™ SCCM™

Tactras™ SCCM™ etch chamber equips RF power supply on its upper and lower electrode separately. With controlling plasma density and ion energy independently, it delivers good plasma uniformity in a wide process range., Tactras™ SCCM™ has been widely adopted by many customers and is still active in production since the launch in the 1990's.

Product comparison

Tactras™ VigusCertas™ LEAGATactras™ VestaTactras™ RLSATactras™ DRMTactras™ SCCM
ChamberVigusCertas LEAGAVestaRLSADRMSCCM
Wafer size (mm)300300300300300300
Number of chambers1-61-61-61-61-61-6
ProcessLow-k, Ox,
HARC, Line etch, ALE, SAQP, DD

Poly, SiN, Ox,
Contact, Mask, Spacer

Ox, SiN, Poly,
Speacer, Contact, HARC, SAC

Ox, SiN,
Contact, Trench, SAC, Spacer, DD
Ox, SiN,
Contact, Trench, SAC, Spacer, DD
SafetyS2, CES2, CES2, CES2, CES2, CES2, CE