Test system Precio™ Series

The evolving wafer prober in response to the various demands of wafer testing

Precio™ series is a fully automatic wafer-probing platform. Due to process miniaturization, higher device functionality, and package variety, demand for probing technology in the test process is becoming increasingly diversified. The Precio™ series not only has XY accuracy to realize more reliable contacts but also has greater Z-axis control, which is important for soft contact. Optimum temperature control during test, and increased of parallel die testing are achieved with the Precio™ prober series. TEL provides a series of reliable solutions to the increasing number of probing demands.

Precio™ XL

Precio™ XL is the latest 300mm fully automated wafer prober developed based on TEL Precio™ series. The Precio™ XL realizes high productivity, contact performance, cleanliness improvement, and short delivery time with a concept to further reduce test costs. TEL has also provided high-speed probe mark inspection TELPADS™-I and Auto Leveling (the probe card parallelism Automatic adjustment function), Users have available to them ZOOM-I which supports various Z-axis control for stable contact and soft contact, as option. The Precio™ XL wafer prober is compatible with the wafer parameters of previous Precio™ models. In addition, focusing not only on test operations but also on efficiency of setup file generation, we have introduced CoSMOz (Contact Sequence Map Optimization) software option. CoSMOz has the capability to calculate the optimum contact sequence, which was previously performed by customer test engineers. We have realized significant improvement in work efficiency and improvement in test efficiency.

  • System cost performance

Precio octo™

Precio octo™ is an 8 inch wafer prober that realizes dramatic productivity by adopting ultra-high speed indexing and high-speed wafer exchange function to reduce test cost and improve Cost of Ownership. Vibration reduction by strengthening the structure and improving the major components and optics made it possible to achieve superior operation. Furthermore, by installing TELPADS™-I automatic probe mark inspection, it is possible to judge probe card quality and guarantee the quality of probe marks.


The Wafer Prober Networking System PN-300 utilizes a database to facilitate data access from other system and provides an environment that enables the user to edit data and handle processing. The system achieves wide-ranging compatibility by adopting standard hardware and operating system. In addition, it is equipped with an N-PAF (Network-based Prober Advanced Function) to provide robust support for wafer prober operation and maintenance.

Based on Windows OS
SEMI standard compliant, HSMS, GEM (PSEM)
Multi-handling through independent tasks
Various Windows OS compliant applications can be used (Excel, Visual Basic, RDBM, etc.)


N-PAF (Network-Based Prober Advanced Function) is a networking system developed for more effective operation and maintenance of multiple wafer probers. Remote operation helps save on labor on the factory floor. An E10-compliant RAM Analyzer can be used for operation management of the system.

Utilizes TCP/IP protocol
Prober software installer function
Creation and Edition functions of type parameter and control map
Floor viewer

Product comparison

Precio™ XLPrecio octo™P-12XLn/n+/mP-12XLP-8XLmP-8XLP-8
Wafer size (mm)200,300150,200200,300200,300100,125,150,200100,125,150,200100,125,150,200
AvailabilityNew, Certified usedNew, Certified usedCertified usedCertified usedCertified usedCertified usedCertified used
Stage technologyLinear motorBall screwBall screwBall screwBall screwBall screwBall screw
XY probing accuracy (μm)±1.8±2.0Xn/Ln+:±1.8
Z probing accuracy (μm)±5.0±5.0±5.0±5.0±5.0±5.0±5.0
Probing force (kg)200/300*60100/200*100606040
Optical systemASU/BCU-ⅡASU/BCU-ⅡXLn/n+:ASU/BCU-Ⅰ
Operation systemWindows+PLCWindows+VMEVMEVMEVMEVMEVME
*Available as an option*Available as an option