Surface Preparation system NS Series

The high reliable D.I. Water Scrubber system to origin Coater/Developer platform

The NS300 series is the high productivity scrubber system for 300mm wafer process based on TEL’s industry-leading Coater/Developer platform providing excellent reliability and stability. The system normally has D.I. Water brush clean and originally designed Atomized Spray(AS), bevel brush is also capable to enhance its performance efficiently. Today, in response to further device scaling and transition toward 3D-structure of semiconductor, NS300 series provides tool design flexibility for surface clean to meet process challenges ahead.

The features of the NS300+ HT process module - renowned for its reliability and stability - have been carried on into the new NS300Z, a more productive scrubber. The system has an 8-process spin chamber and achieves a throughput of up to 1,000 wafers per hour (200% of the previous system). Unique function is also equipped to realize the prevention of contamination during wafer transport, while keeping high productivity. In addition, the Atomized Spray 2 (AS2) and brushes succeeding from the previous system was improved. The NS300Z provides a wide range of scrubber clean process with high productivity even in cutting-edge device manufacturing.

  • NS300Z mechanical throughput

  • NS300Z energy reduction

NS300+ HT

The superior reliability and stability of the NS300+ concept has been carried on into the new NS300+ HT. It is an improved, and more productive scrubber. As with the previous system, it is equipped with an 8 process spin chamber and achieves a throughput of up to 500 wafers per hour (a more than 150% increase compared with the previous system) with a footprint equivalent to that of the previous system.


NS300 is a 300mm wafer scrubber system which enables each side of wafer surface clean with high reliability and stability. Its Atomized Spray 2 (AS2) and bevel brushes deliver high quality cleaning process by reducing surface damage during process.


SS4 is a high reliable scrubber processing system for 100/150/200mm wafers which has years of experience in wafer surface clean both front face and backside. The system reduces surface damage during process with Atotmized Spray 2 (AS2) developed for a state-of-the-art 300mm scrubber system.

Product comparison

NS300ZNS300+ HTNS300+NS300SS4
Wafer size (mm)300300300300100,150,200
AvailabilityNewNewNewCertified usedCertified used
Throughput (wph)1000500320180144
ProcessDIW scrubberDIW scrubberDIW scrubberDIW scrubberDIW scrubber
SubstratesSi, GlassSi, GlassSi, GlassSi, Glass

Si, Sic, Sapphire,


Dry methodSpin, N2 blowerSpin, N2 blowerSpin, N2 blowerSpin, N2 blowerSD2(IPA)
Nozzle type

AS2, Brush,

BVL Brush

AS2, Brush,

BVL Brush

AS2, Jet, BrushAS2, Jet, BrushAS2, Jet, Brush
Pertical removal performance>95%>95%>95%>95%>95%