Surface Preparation system EXPEDIUS™ Series

Cost effective batch cleaning system for a long term with recognized by semiconductor manufacturing industry

The EXPEDIUS™ series is the state-of-the-art cost effective 300mm wafer cleaning system that enables 50 wafers maximum processing in one batch with multiple bath for various chemicals. EXPEDIUS™ supports not only conventional wet processes such as pre-diffusion/oxidation clean, post-etch clean and resist stripping but also includes newly developed unique functions to realize highly selective wet etch of Oxide/Nitride for 3D NAND device manufacturing with a smaller system footprint and superior productivity.


The EXPEDIUS™ -i is the latest auto wet station succeeding from the EXPEDIUS™ +, a platform featuring further improvements in process performance and productivity. The system has a highly cost effective solution designed for 45nm and beyond technology node for semiconductor manufacturing. The EXPEDIUS™ -i achieved a throughput of 1,000 wafers per hour (a 150% increase compared with the previous model), high productivity, and low Cost of Ownership. Implementation of the chemical treatment and pure water rinse tanks, well-optimized dryer module improves its cleaning and resist stripping performance significantly. The system realized greatly improvement both etch shape control and process stability for the selective etch process. Furthermore, in order to suppress pattern collapse of vulnerable structures, advanced dryer contributes to reduce processing time drastically and collaborate with optimum sequencing, the system achieved shortened throughput times and the highest level of cost performance in the industry.

  • SiN etch 3 lot processes

  • SiN etch uniformity


The EXPEDIUS™ + is a 300mm batch clean system which is the advanced model of the highly reliable UW300Z EXPEDIUS™, a concept endorsed by many semiconductor manufacturers. The EXPEDIUS™ + is designed for 45nm and beyond technology node and has improved upon its predecessor in both performance and productivity. The configuration of the chemical treatment tanks, pure water rinse tanks, and dryer has been optimized to support FEOL clean, which requires particularly stringent process performance. Standard installation of the new SD2 dryer enables significant reduction of 45nm size or less micro-particles. The new SD2 which has been improved from TEL's original IPA dry module decreases the surface tension and prevents pattern destruction of vulnerable structures on the wafer. Furthermore the EXPEDIUS™ + provides high throughput and excellent productivity through a new wafer transportation system with smaller footprint. In addition, its unique batch-formation software option enhances process efficiency regardless of wafer quantity and processing position.

Product comparison

Wafer size (mm)300300
Throughput (wph)1000600
ProcessPre/Post clean, Wet etch, PR stripPre/Post clean, Wet etch, PR strip
Dry methodNew SD2SD2