Etch system Episode™ UL Series

Introducing industry-leading platform flexibility for up to 12-chamber configuration

Launched in 2020, the Episode™ UL series of etch systems can be configured flexibly with up to 12 chambers. Featuring reductions in footprint, ease of maintenance, and TEL’s proprietary smart tool technology, Episode™ UL significantly boosts customers’ fab productivity. Its combination of excellent process performance and high productivity supports diversifying functions of semiconductor devices and accelerates their evolution.

Episode™ UL

Designed to boost TEL customers’ fab productivity, Episode™ UL offers many advantages including flexible multi-chamber configurations, significant saving in footprint, ease of maintenance, and advanced Smart tool features.

TEL is the pioneer of space-saving systems with a rectangular cluster design, in which processing chambers are arranged in two horizontally opposed rows. Episode™ UL can flexibly accommodate between 4 and 12 chambers to maximize loading capacity based on customer fab layouts. With a maximum 12 chambers configuration, the new platform’s horizontally opposed cluster design offers significant reduction in footprint per chamber for both cleanroom and utility areas. Episode™ UL also has a larger space for easier maintenance than that of its predecessors, ensuring greater ease of maintenance. Its transfer system and process modules are equipped with a number of sensors and high-speed control systems, enabling autonomous process control via big data analytics powered by TEL’s proprietary smart tool technology.

Episode™ UL offers higher process performance and extendability to drive the evolution of the latest logic and memory devices.

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  • Flexible Layout

  • Space Saving

  • Smart Tool

Product comparison

Episode™ ULTactras™Certas™ LEAGA™
Wafer size (mm)300300300
Number of chambers1-121-61-6

Dielectric, Conductor,

Reactive Ion Etch

Dielectric, Conductor,

Reactive Ion Etch


Chemical Dry Etch

SafetyS2, CES2, CES2, CE