Etch system Certas™ Series

Continuing to meet market expectations as the cornerstone of isotropic etch

Certas™ is a series of environment-friendly, high-throughput gas chemical etch systems. Designed to deliver optimal solutions for advanced devices, Certas™ offers high etch selectivity, high uniformity, and excellent removal of residue and roughness.

Certas LEAGA™

Certas LEAGA™ is an environment-friendly, high-throughput gas chemical etch system designed for 300mm wafers that provides surface etch and cleaning without the use of liquids. Its dry processing features watermark-free, unique selectivity performance over various SiO2 films and precise control of interface cleaning. It offers greater flexibility when combined with TEL’s cleaning system. Certas LEAGA™ supports a number of isotropic process requirements for 3D-structure devices with high utilization capability and low cost operation through its plasma-free solution. Up to six dual-wafer processing chambers can be installed on a single platform to satisfy various process requirements. Easily configurable process units enable device scaling and enhanced productivity. Certas LEAGA™ provides highly precise process solutions such as surface pre-cleaning of Si contact formation, oxide film removal and etch back, selective etch in high-aspect 3D structure, and precise recess process, and has been widely adopted by global semiconductor manufacturers from volume manufacturing to next generation development.

  • Selectivity by Th-Ox

  • HCD-SiN selectivityand DCS-SiN selectivity (SiO2/SiN)

Product comparison

Certas LEAGA™Episode™ ULTactras™
Wafer size (mm)300300300
Number of chambers1-61-121-6


Chemical Dry Etch

Dielectric, Conductor,

Reactive Ion Etch

Dielectric, Conductor,

Reactive Ion Etch

SafetyS2, CES2, CES2, CE