Test system Cellcia™ Series

Innovation in wafer probing, Ultra-efficient, Multi-Layers, Multi-Cell Probe system

Cellcia™ series is the next generation wafer probing system for 300mm wafers. Wafers are tested in a multi test cell system simultaneously. The testing process involves distributing wafers into the array of test cells to accomplish fast turn-around-time compared to existing prober systems. The multi-layer system structure significantly reduces the test footprint and achieves greater wafer output per square meter than conventional probers. The Cellcia™ series is an innovative test platform, which make total test cost lower.


There are an increasing variety of test requirements in conjunction with diversified device design, device application, process node shrink and package design complexity. To reduce total test cost, especially in Memory applications, multi-site probe cards were introduces as a way of reducing test cost. This method found its limit when single wafer/one-touch-down probe card technology appeared. Cellcia™ is a breakthrough technology. Splitting wafer lots into the Cellcia™ multi-cell probe system, reduces test turn-around-time and improves system footprint by adopting a multi-layer structure. Conventional prober technology cannot achieve the Cellcia™ throughput with similar floor space. The Cellcia™ system maximizes test efficiency and minimizes total test cost. TEL has combined its vast wafer probe experience and front-end process technologies to develop the world’s leading probe system, Cellcia™.

  • Lowering test cost [Integrated tester, probe card and material handling]

Product comparison

Wafer size (mm)300
ApplicationMemory, Wafer level burn-in
Stage technologyVacuum contact
XY probing accuracy (μm)±5.0
Z probing accuracy (μm)±5.0
Probing force (kg)200
Optical systemASU/BCU-Ⅱ
Operation systemWindows + PLC
Number of cell12 or 25