Surface Preparation system ANTARES™ Series

Production proven yield enhancing defect removal using a unique cryogenic inert gas technology

ANTARES™ is a series of a fully automated, single-wafer, CryoKinetic systems used for processing 200/300mm wafers. Each system uses cryogenic aerosol technology to safely remove nanoscale particles from device surfaces. Unlike conventional wet technologies, this all-dry process reduces defects without damaging the wafer surface, even on metal and low-k films. ANTARES™ series enables proven yield enhancing defect removal with no corrosion of metals, no watermarks on hydrophobic surfaces, and no wafer charging. The process is suitable for all materials.


In addition to the classic ANTARES™ that has been used across multiple technology nodes in semiconductor fabs worldwide, TEL offers the new ANTARES™ – Nano which features a smaller aerosol size for improved removal efficiency in the smallest nanoparticle size range, plus improved capability for cleaning sensitive patterns without damage. Semiconductor manufacturers have advanced their technology through recent generations by introduction of various new materials, a trend which will continue for the foreseeable future. In many cases the materials have sensitivities which limit the applicability of historical wet clean processes for removing contaminants. Metals are easily corroded, hydrophobic films are prone to watermarks, and some materials such as Ge can be attacked by aqueous chemistries. Furthermore, even traditional materials such as Si and SiO2 frequently must be cleaned with near-zero material loss, due to tightened dimensional requirements. Therefore, this ANTARES™ -Nano presents cleaning methods that are safe for all materials and patterns are increasingly needed.

  • Performance comparison of ANTARES™ – Nano with low-etching wet SC1/spray process.

  • Surface LPD measurements showing 99% particle removal from hydrophobic ULK surface. Wet processing is not suitable for this film due to watermark defects.

  • k-value measurement showing no difference in k-value between ANTARES™ - Nano processed wafer and control wafer (no process).


ANTARES™ is a fully automated, single-wafer cleaning system that uses unique cryogenic aerosol technology to remove particulate contaminants and improve yield. The cryokinetic method is all dry and uses only inert gases, making it safe for processing even the most sensitive film types without surface reactions, roughening, or etching. ANTARES™ has been proven effective for yield enhancing defect removal across a wide variety of applications in the back-end and front-end.

Product comparison

Wafer size (mm)300200, 300
Wafer per batchSingle waferSingle wafer
Throughput lilmit (hardware)Application dependentApplication dependent
Spray methodCryogenic nano-aerosolCryogenic aerosol
Chemical dispenseChemical and
water free aerosol
Chemical and
water free aerosol