Environment Management

Our Approach to the Environment

Tokyo Electron(TEL) aims to solve environmental issues through our leading-edge technology and services under the slogan of "Technology for Eco Life." We strive to contribute to the establishment of a sustainable society by reducing TEL's impact on the consumption of resources, on biodiversity, and on climate change by taking actions that both directly and indirectly contribute to the protection and conservation of the environment.

Environment Policy

  1. Environmental Goals and Continuous Improvement

    We establish environmental goals and continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance throughout our product lifecycle.

  2. Compliance with Applicable Laws

    We continually enhance our knowledge of environmental issues to not only comply with applicable laws, but also set additional voluntary standards.

  3. Environmental Contribution with Product

    We develop environmentally complimentary products through our leading-edge technology. TEL cooperates with our customers and suppliers to strive for the prevention and improvement of environmental impacts to contribute to a sustainable society.

  4. Operational Environmental Impact Reduction and Preservation

    We quantitatively analyze and reduce the environmental impact of TEL global operations, with activity from all levels of employees and operations to prevent pollution and protect the environment.

  5. Collaboration and Cooperation with Stakeholders and Society

    We actively promote collaboration and cooperation with all our stakeholders to achieve mutual understanding and conformance to expectations.

    Revision: July 1, 2016


Environmental issues such as climate change are growing ever more crucial. To promote activities in the medium to long term that meet the environmental/ESG needs of its customers and other stakeholders, the Manufacturing Company Presidents’ Council, which includes the corporate director in charge of EHS, monitors and supervises progress related to environmental issues. A headquarters has been established, headed by the corporate director in charge of EHS, and promotes environmental activities across the entire Group. The Environment Council, made up of members appointed by the executives of the Group companies, sets targets related to environmental issues, monitors progress and also works to achieve its goals. Furthermore, to continuously promote our environmental activities, we have operated an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 since fiscal year 1998, primarily at our manufacturing subsidiaries. In March 2017, we acquired multi-site ISO 14001 certification for our plants and offices in Japan that had previously acquired certification separately. Coinciding with this multi-site certification, we have developed a standardized group format for environmental impact assessments, the identification of useful environmental aspects, environmental management programs and internal audit checklists. During fiscal year 2021, we established approximately 100 environmental goals for different levels across the entire Group and carried out these improvement activities. Any issues identified through these activities are reviewed by the Environment Council, reported to the Manufacturing Company Presidents’ Council and used for promoting environmental activities across the entire Group. Under such an environment management system, fiscal year 2021 was again free from environmental incidents, accidents, violations, and associated legal proceedings.

ISO 14001:2015 Certified Plants and Offices

Company NameFactory/Office nameCertification Date
Tokyo ElectronEHS Promotion Center (Fuchu Technology Center)May. 1998
Tokyo Electron Technology SolutionsFujii Office/Hosaka Office/Tohoku Office
Tokyo Electron KyushuKoshi/Ozu Office
Tokyo Electron MiyagiTaiwa Office
Tokyo Electron (Kunshan)-Mar. 2013
TEL Manufacturing and Engineering of AmericaChaska OfficeMar. 2013
North Chelmsford OfficeMay 2018

Tokyo Electron Korea

TEL Technology Center Korea, Balan PlantJul. 2014

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