Human Rights and Diversity

Human Rights

Tokyo Electron(TEL) recognizes the importance of respecting human rights in all aspects of business activities. Our principles for respect for human rights are established in our Management Policies and Code of Ethics prohibiting discrimination based on gender, nationality, age, race, creed, or religion; forced labor, child labor, and harassment. The Group aspires to create a pleasant workplace environment where everyone can work free of discrimination by implementing employee training and establishing hotlines for prompt awareness and resolution of activities related to human rights issues.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Approach to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Our business extends globally, with overseas sales accounting for over 80% of total sales, placing us in circumstances requiring extremely fast technological innovation. Furthermore, it is essential that diverse talent plays an active role for a company to generate innovation and continue to grow. By developing a workplace where anyone, irrespective of gender, nationality, age, background or ability, can work easily and feel motivated, we will promote creation of an environment where the diversity of talent leads to greater competitiveness.

Systems and Initiatives

It is important for TEL to expand its business globally and address social changes and diversifying needs by creating new value and continuing to grow. To achieve this in situations where there is diversity, not just in gender, disability, nationality, or other personal circumstances, but also different work styles and stages of life, it is essential we have an environment where personnel can exercise their capabilities and tackle challenges while staying highly motivated. To provide all employees with a “pleasant workplace where anyone can work with strong motivation,” we respect and promote D&I.

In July 2019, we launched the Global D&I Council, and at a meeting held that December attended by members from Japan and overseas, we formulated a D&I vision and slogan for the entire TEL group. At the meeting, the topic of D&I for the TEL group was again taken up for discussion, and we reaffirmed that it is not just about gender, but is a more inclusive endeavor.

To realize a workplace where diverse employees have a better understanding of each other and can play an active role, we have been implementing harassment prevention education and awareness activities globally. In January 2020, we held a D&I Talk event at our headquarters in Akasaka. The event included guest speakers and a panel discussion, and was well attended by employees. The event was streamed live to business sites in Japan and overseas in an effort to raise awareness for D&I among all employees in the TEL group. The Employee Resource Group (ERG) has also been launched, and is promoting initiatives whereby the company supports employees with interest in D&I, voluntarily planning and administering activities designed to contribute to the community and reform the corporate culture. Looking ahead, we will work to further promote D&I throughout the entire TEL group, by formulating a three-year plan ending in 2022, and rolling out initiatives tailored to the actual circumstances at each of our business sites in Japan and overseas, such as expanding our training programs and organizing events.

Initiatives at Group companies in Japan

Disclosure of information about women in leadership roles

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* Group companies in Japan

Diversity Activities

Employee Resource Group “DRIVE”

DRIVE is a working group comprising engineers who gather from sites located all over Japan under the vision “To aim to be a company where anyone can play an active role and generate high added value and profits.” Members share opinions and actively conduct activities based on the activity policy of creating opportunities to know about diversity and inclusion (D&I), listening to various ways of thinking transcending site boundaries, and developing proposals on creating workplaces where anyone can play an active role.

Activity Report

So far, as opportunities to learn about D&I, we have conducted regular workshops by members and invited external lecturers to give lectures on themes such as promoting women’s participation and awareness of unconscious bias. In fiscal year 2021, we conducted an online forum to share problems and concerns about nursing care and a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop where employees learn about D&I while using LEGO blocks. Approximately 50 employees participated in these events. Through these activities, employees were able to think deeply and share their awareness about the differences and diversity in their ways of thinking and positions. Going forward, together with creating opportunities for mutual interaction and learning about diverse values through repeated dialogues between employees, we will promote activities that allows such initiatives to lead to the driving force that generates high added value and profits.

Active Involvement of People with Disabilities

TEL seeks to be a corporation where a diverse range of employees can work to their full potential. We have established an inclusive working environment for people with disabilities. People with disabilities account for 2.06% of employees at TEL headquarters and 2.01% of employees in Japan operations overall.*

* As of March 31, 2020

Employee voices | Active Involvement of Employees with Disabilities

After joining the company mid-career, I currently work in the management of the Compliance Policy & Program Group of the Compliance Department. Workplaces not only take measures reasonably to ensure accessibility depending on the type and degree of disability (such as barrier-free designs and permitting commuting to work by car) but also nurture an organizational culture that allows individuals to freely apply themselves without reservation or hesitation even if they have disabilities. Because the environment allows us to see disabilities as positive individual characteristics, I strongly feel that I am able to apply my skills. Going forward, I hope to utilize my strong specialty to bravely undertake new and difficult issues.

Masashi Tamura
Group leader
Compliance Policy & Program Group, Compliance Department