Human Rights and Diversity

Human Rights

Tokyo Electron(TEL) recognizes the importance of respecting human rights in all aspects of business activities. Our principles for respect for human rights are established in our Management Policies and Code of Ethics prohibiting discrimination based on gender, nationality, age, race, creed, or religion; forced labor, child labor, and harassment. The Group aspires to create a pleasant workplace environment where everyone can work free of discrimination by implementing employee training and establishing hotlines for prompt awareness and resolution of activities related to human rights issues.


Approach to Diversity

Our business extends globally, with overseas sales accounting for over 80% of total sales, placing us in circumstances requiring extremely fast technological innovation. Furthermore, it is essential that diverse talent plays an active role for a company to generate innovation and continue to grow. By developing a workplace where anyone, irrespective of gender, nationality, age, background or ability, can work easily and feel motivated, we will promote creation of an environment where the diversity of talent leads to greater competitiveness.

* Group companies in Japan

Systems and Initiatives

At Tokyo Electron (TEL), the corporate director in charge of human resources is responsible for promoting diversity activities. In fiscal year 2018, we started operation of a global human resources system where employees can clarify the roles and responsibilities expected by the company, and whereby evaluation and remuneration correspond with the level of achievement of targets. We have established an environment which promotes diversity where everyone receives fair assessment and opportunities to grow and which realizes a global work approach.

Furthermore, we are putting greater effort into harassment prevention education in order to realize a workplace where diverse employees can have greater mutual understanding. We are implementing e-learning for all executives and employees concerning matters including power, sexual and maternity harassment and LGBT issues, and seminars are being conducted by occupational physicians aimed at management. Prevention of harassment in the workplace is one of the goals of our action plan based on Japan’s Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

We are establishing an environment where employees with disabilities can work with peace of mind, and are driving efforts to hire such people. In fiscal year 2018, people with disabilities accounted for 1.91% of employees in Japan operations overall.

In addition, in an effort to increase the ratio of women in management positions, we have set a target to double the number of women in management roles by fiscal year 2021 based on fiscal year 2018 levels, and we are striving to achieve this with our global human resources system.

Initiatives at Group companies in Japan

Disclosure of information about women in leadership roles

Average service years16 yrs. 6 mos.15 yrs. 3 mos.17 yrs. 2 mos.16 yrs. 0 mos.17 yrs. 4 mos.15 yrs. 5 mos.17 yrs. 4 mos.15 yrs. 7 mos.
16 yrs.4 mos.17 yrs.0 mos.17 yrs.1 mos.17 yrs.1 mos.
Use of annual paid leave(%)61.862.664.164.3

* Group companies in Japan (excluding Tokyo Electron Device)

Conference for women engineers

In February 2018, we held our Second Conference for Women Engineers, linking our Akasaka headquarters with offices throughout Japan via a video conferencing system. Women engineers discussed their respective field of specialty and work style as well as activities to promote women’s participation. Group discussions were also conducted on topics including “How does a female engineer work?” and “What must be done to accelerate and promote creation of an environment where all employees can work more actively?” On this occasion, 104 employees, including men, participated. Lively discussions were held, and feedback was received to the effect that the active participation of men allowed them to understand and realize women’s situation and feelings.

Participation at the Conference for Women Engineers

Following on from last year, I took part in the Second Conference for Women Engineers. At this conference, we were able to share a variety of examples and concerns, whereby we were able to reconsider our own careers. It provided a reference for developing work styles for women in the future. We also managed to build a network with those engaged in promotion activities at each of our bases. Through this conference, we hope for the opportunity to consider for ourselves how to boost the number of women engineers and promote participation, and to be well prepared to engage in activities that transcended barriers within the workplace.

Nanako Shinoda
1st Group, PF Engineering Department

Active Involvement of People with Disabilities

TEL seeks to be a corporation where a diverse range of employees can work to their full potential. We have established an inclusive working environment for people with disabilities. People with disabilities account for 2.22% of employees at TEL headquarters and 1.91% of employees in Japan operations overall.

* As of March 31, 2018

Employee voices | Active Involvement of Employees with Disabilities

I joined TEL in 2015, and currently I am in charge of approval work for the export of parts. I commute to work by car, which is less stressful for me, and TEL has given thoughtful attention to my work setup. For instance, the document cabinets are at an easy height for me to use, and my desk has been placed close to the exit so that it is easier for me to get around in my wheelchair. What pleases me most about TEL is that I am treated the same as a person without disabilities. For example, during the recruitment screening process, I felt that I was being assessed on my skills and experience. Going forward, I will continue to work hard in order to meet the company’s expectations.

Akihiko Suzuki
Export & Logistics Control Dept.