Information Security

Approach to Risk Management

Reflecting changes in society and the business environment, the risks facing businesses are growing increasingly complex and diverse. Tokyo Electron considers understanding and appropriately addressing the risks that it may face in its businesses, as well as their impacts, to be essential to its sustainable growth.

Main Activities

Creating information security systems

We established a system centered around the Vice President and General Manager Information Security and are implementing integrated security measures on a global scale.

Information security management

We identify risks by conducting periodic risk assessments and internal audits and implement technological, human, organizational, and physical security measures.

Responses to security threats

To respond to cyberattacks and information leaks, which are major security threats in modern society, we actively introduce advanced technologies and have specialized organizations create systems to establish mechanisms for reliable monitoring.

Establishment of global rules

We established global standardized information security rules and regularly conduct checks on compliance status and provided education for all relevant parties.

Supply chain security

We respond to customer requests and monitor the status of security at suppliers so that we can securely use confidential information and customer information in our business activities without compromising utility.

Increasing resilience

To prepare for the occurrence of security incidents, we established a specialized incident response organization and have established systems so that we can share incident information at an early stage and promptly respond and recover

Overview of Information Security

Overview of Information Security