Human Resource Development

Principles of Human Resource Development

Tokyo Electron(TEL) group is making continued efforts for employee education and training while encouraging and supporting employees' proactive approaches toward learning in line with its basic human resource development policy, which consists of the following three principles:
1. Self-motivation and a sense of responsibility are the basic requirements for developing the talents of employees.
2. The workplace supports employee development.
3. The company provides employees with opportunities and incentives to learn and must build the necessary platform or framework.

Global Human Resources System

The globally integrated human resources programs introduced in fiscal year 2018 clarify the roles and responsibilities of each employee in order to effectively support talent management. In coordination with development programs, TEL supports the career development and growth of our employees by presenting the skills required for a job in the TEL group, the knowledge they should/can acquire, and a description of expected duties at higher levels. We are also working to build workplaces where diverse individuals can flourish, by conducting talent assessments across countries and regions, realizing fair total rewards for employees, and utilizing a performance management system and a global common human resource system.

Human Resource Development Concept at TEL UNIVERSITY

TEL has established TEL UNIVERSITY as an in-house educational establishment, helping employees to independently build their careers and realize their personal goals for their growth and development. Our aim is to stand shoulder to shoulder with each employee, supporting their self-growth and fruitful career development throughout their working life, and create a foundation that enables the organization and individuals to trust each other and grow. TEL UNIVERSITY plays an important part in employees realizing TEL’s vision of being “a truly global company generating high added value and profits in the semiconductor and flat panel display industries through innovative technologies and groundbreaking proactive solutions that integrate diverse technologies.” Through the following four initiatives, we are focusing on employee growth that leads to corporate growth.

First is the provision of personalized learning opportunities. Since each employee’s growth is different, we are putting effort into the practice of on-demand education* as a mechanism that allows individuals to learn as they want, when they want and according to their own needs. In addition to group training, by proactively utilizing e-learning programs, we are providing opportunities for employees to learn from any location.

Second is support for career development. We are expanding programs designed for employees to quickly acquire basic skills according to their different levels and goals through our global human resources system. Effort is being put into providing information and tools so that employees can gain a more concrete image of their own learning, experience, and career development.

Third is leader programs. In nurturing the next generation of leaders to support TEL’s future, we are globally expanding our succession programs to identify and systematically nurture staff to take on the role of realizing medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value. Selected next generation management candidates are provided growth opportunities with an eye to the future, through participating in external training, building networks outside the company, and cultivating a broader perspective.

Fourth is the provision of global learning opportunities. For employees to acquire skills related to their duties and to gain a broader insight, we encourage them to actively participate in both internal and external seminars. Besides training, we are also considering a study abroad program for fiscal year 2021. Furthermore, we are moving to standardize our core programs on a global basis so that employees are able to learn using consistent TEL group content and guidelines regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas.

*On-demand education: Education programs that allow employees to learn at the own convenience, anywhere, anytime

Human Resource Development System

TEL provides programs adapted to different levels and goals for employees to gain world-class knowledge and skills.
We are also providing opportunities for employees to improve their understanding and to acquire knowledge on the latest trends in TEL’s core technologies by running ongoing skill enhancement training and holding technical workshops for skills acquisition.

*1 OJT: On the Job Training
*2 WBT: Web Based Training