Human Resource Development

Principles of Human Resource Development

Tokyo Electron(TEL) group is making continued efforts for employee education and training while encouraging and supporting employees' proactive approaches toward learning in line with its basic human resource development policy, which consists of the following three principles:
1. Self-motivation and a sense of responsibility are the basic requirements for developing the talents of employees.
2. The workplace supports employee development.
3. The company provides employees with opportunities and incentives to learn and must build the necessary platform or framework.

Human Resource Development System

TEL has established TEL UNIVERSITY as an educational facility for all the company with the aim of helping employees to independently develop their career and realize their personal goals. The curriculum of TEL UNIVERSITY includes courses that provide world-class knowledge and skills, with training programs adapted to different levels and goals.


Human Resource Development Initiatives

Leader Programs

TEL conducts programs to discover and systematically nurture people who will advance into management to realize medium- to long-term improvement of corporate value. In fiscal year 2018, TEL conducted training in the basic management skills required of leaders for selected mid-level employees. We also organized networking with internal and external business leaders, and proposed solutions to business problems. In the future, we are also planning a practical program to improve their perspective as management executives.

Manager Programs

The role of managers is important to enable value creation by each individual. In fiscal year 2018, in order to nurture managers, we conducted training that helps trainees to understand managerial roles and responsibilities, required behavior, how to utilize managerial organization and nurture employees, together with practical workshops.

Step-up Activities

TEL is implementing step-up activities for about half a year from the summer of employees’ second year in company with the aim of encouraging autonomous young employees. The young employees set their own topics and targets in the workplace, and plan activities, which they advance, involving their superior and colleagues, providing opportunities to develop awareness of learning and growth.

Life Design Seminar

Each year, TEL provides career development support to employees appropriate to their age. Within Japan, for employees aged 51 or above, we conduct a Life Design Seminar every year to provide necessary knowledge and information for retirement. We also conduct programs to help with the next step in career and life planning, such as financial planning.

Visionary Talk

We have presented a Visionary Talk since fiscal year 2016, encouraging experts in various fields to talk about the future with the aim of nurturing the vision and creativity of employees. In December 2017, the lectures were presented by leading experts in the technology, design and management fields. Approximately 800 employees took part worldwide, providing them with great stimulation and making a deep impression. It was a good opportunity for them to assess themselves and gain new ideas.