Philosophy for Health

So that employees can realize a fulfilling life’s work, and at the same time, contribute to the advancement of Tokyo Electron(TEL)’s business by harnessing their full capacity, it is important that each and every employee can maintain their health and dynamism while at work. By putting systems in place, we have built an environment where employees can work with peace of mind. We also believe that to maintain health, it is important that employees are aware of their own state of health and take self-directed steps for improving it. Based on our wellness declaration announced in February 2012, we have conducted a number of ongoing initiatives to support employees in this pursuit.

Systems and Initiatives for Health

Support systems for health

We have built systems that are mindful of employee health. Besides conducting various medical checkups in accordance with the law, we also offer face-to-face consultations by doctors for employees who work long hours. We have also set up health help desks supported by doctors so that employees and their families can seek advice if they have any health concerns. We also offer counselling services supported by external industrial counselors if requested by an employee. Regular “line-care” *1 seminars are also held, targeted at line managers.

Stress Checks

Within Japan, we have implemented comprehensive measures for mental health. Using a questionnaire recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, employees complete a stress check once a year, and if determined to be under high stress, they are put in contact with a public health nurse or occupational health physician for in-depth face-to-face support. During fiscal year 2018, the stress check was taken by 92.7% of employees in Japan.

Wellness Declaration

Based on the wellness declaration announced in 2012, we have promoted the improvement of employees’ exercise habits based on a program of Eat-Rest-Walk-Talk. At nine of our factories and offices in Japan, we offer activities that allow employees to stay healthy every day, by giving employees small reminders in their day-to-day life, such as healthy food choices at company cafeterias and body composition measurement sessions.

Self-care Platform

We have introduced the Pep Up personal healthcare platform, enabling employees to get healthier by monitoring their own state of health. The platform allows employees to easily check the results of their medical checkups, and to record their daily health management data, such as weight, blood pressure and body fat ratio. Other functions of Pep Up include offering employees information and suggesting activities suited to their state of health. Health age*2 is also displayed, incentivizing employees to improve their own health.

Making the most of the platform, during fiscal year 2018, as well as holding walking events, we distributed an activity tracker to help employees in managing their diet and exercise.

*1 Line-care: A workplace measure for mental health, in which managers and supervisors take a lead role in responding to requests by workers for advice, with an aim of improving the workplace environment.
*2 Health age: An indicator showing risk of lifestyle diseases, calculated based on the results of an employee’s medical checkup. The difference in years with the employee’s actual age is displayed, helping them understand their equivalent age in terms of their health conditions.

Example Initiative

WELLatTEL, a Tokyo Electron U.S. program, provides resources for employees and their families to improve their health. Employees are provided a tracking device to increase awareness of their physical activity. Multiple locations have access to onsite gym equipment. Access to online financial education resources increases understanding of financial security. Rewards are provided for physical challenges, such as Step into Spring, and for completing sections of the financial awareness training. The WELLatTEL program contributes to the “Good health and well-being” for all employees and aligns with SDGs.