Wellness Declaration

In February 2012, Tokyo Electron(TEL) group announced its wellness declaration based on the view that the health and safety of employees is paramount. In accordance with this declaration, we have conducted a number of ongoing wellness initiatives, including the establishment of Health Help Desks, the provision of counseling services, and the introduction of stress checks. We also offer walking events, healthy food choice initiatives for company cafeterias, and body composition measurement sessions.

Since 2016, we have promoted the improvement of employees’ exercise habits. At nine of our factories and offices in Japan, we are developing an Eat-Rest-Walk-Talk program, which proposes that employees spend every day in a healthy way, incorporating some kind of regular exercise into their daily activities.

Stress Checks

Since being mandated by law in December 2015, TEL has offered stress checks to employees at each factory and office in Japan. Employees complete a questionnaire recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and if judged to be under high stress, they are given face-to-face support by a public health nurse or occupational health physician. The stress check conducted in July 2016 was taken by about 90% of employees.

Introduction of the Pep Up Healthcare Platform

As part of the national requirement for new health management systems, TEL actively promotes activities for improving employee health based on collaboration between employers and health insurance societies. In 2016, we introduced the Pep Up personal healthcare platform. By using this system, individual employees can easily check health information such as the results of their medical checkups and itemized details of their medical expenses. The various support offerings also include enabling employees to record their daily health management data (weight, blood pressure, body fat ratio, length of sleep, etc.) as well as recommended activities to suit their state of health (walking and running events, fitness centers, etc.). In collaboration with the health insurance society, we will continue to push for a broader user base of Pep Up, raising the health awareness of employees.