Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We conduct our own customer satisfaction surveys and use the feedback we receive from our customers to improve our services. This survey, which began in some divisions in fiscal year 2004, expanded its targets to include all semiconductor production equipment divisions in fiscal year 2014, and the display production equipment division and overseas subsidiaries in fiscal year 2016. This survey, called the Customer Satisfaction Survey Program (CSSP), is now conducted company-wide.

The CSSP conducts surveys at the same time each year, analyzes the information obtained for each business unit (product), account (customer) and function (software, development, etc.), and shares the results with related departments such as sales, equipment/plants and service, to improve the level of practical business operations. We are also making improvements in all aspects, including survey questions, analysis methods and the overall operation of CSSP activities.

In the survey for fiscal year 2023, approximately 1,500 customers responded (a response rate of 76.5%), with an average score of 3 points or more ("very satisfied" or "satisfied") for all survey items*, allowing us to achieve our annual sustainability goals for a second year in a row. On the other hand, we are promoting Shift Left, which is an early-stage improvement initiative, such as promptly responding to customers who gave a score of 1 ”Very Dissatisfied.”

We will continue to work as company-wide to engage in CSSP activities so that we can continue to achieve our annual sustainability goals in the future.

For each question, average score is calculated for all customers who responded

Improvement Example

A survey conducted in fiscal year 2020 revealed that one of our overseas subsidiaries had lower customer satisfaction than the previous year in all departments, including sales, equipment/plants and service. That's when management intervened to implement the following improvement measures:

  • Conducting regular status sharing and progress confirmation
  • Building a support system that integrates the headquarters, local subsidiaries and business units
  • Introducing a systematic tracking system

In the fiscal year 2023 survey, we can confirm that by deploying the PDCA cycle in these improvement measures, satisfaction levels in all departments, including sales, equipment/plants and service, have improved significantly. These initiatives have also led to further strengthening of our products.

PDCA Cycle Plan CS Survey activity preparation Do Conduct survey of customers Check Analyze and report survey results Investigate improvement plan Act Feedback to customers Implement improvement activities in each division Confirm progress of improvement activities Percentage of responses that indicated Satisfied or Very Satisfied 96.7%