Quality Management

TEL Quality Global No.1

Knowing our customers' real needs enables us to attain world-leading product quality.

Our Approach to Quality

Tokyo Electron(TEL) seeks to provide the highest quality products and services. This pursuit of quality begins at development and continues through all manufacturing, installation, maintenance, sales, and support processes. Every TEL employee must work to deliver quality products, quality services, and innovative solutions that enable customer success.

Quality Policy

  1. Quality Focus

    Focusing on quality to satisfy customers, meet production schedules, and reduce required maintenance even with temporary cost increases.

  2. Quality Design and Assurance

    Building quality into products and assure in-process quality control, from the design and development phase throughout every process.

  3. Quality and Trust

    When a quality-related problem occurs, working as a team to perform thorough root cause analysis and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

  4. Continual Improvement

    Ensuring customer satisfaction and trust by establishing quality goals and performance indicators and by implementing continual improvement using the PDCA cycle.

  5. Stakeholder Communication

    Listening to stakeholder expectations, providing timely product quality information, and making adjustments as needed.

The quality policy listed here is shared by all TEL Group companies. The policy is linked to the three focus areas (i.e., enhancing product competitiveness, reinforcing responsiveness to customers, and strengthening earnings power) for attaining the medium term management plan’s GT2025 goals, and it has direct bearings on each employee’s action. That is why the policy governs not only our manufacturing plants but also our head office and group companies’ sites in Japan and abroad. A TEL Quality Policy poster has been produced in Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified characters), and Korean and distributed to be posted at TEL Group sites throughout the world.

Quality Management throughout the Value Chain

TEL believes that continuous improvement, not only of products and services but also of all work processes, contributes to improved quality and productivity. We strive to improve operations throughout the value chain, while strengthening collaboration within the company and externally, reflecting the needs of customers


TEL has a quality assurance framework headed by the Representative Director and President. Quality improvement, as well as other important quality issues and other shared concerns, are addressed through collaboration amongst TEL presidents and the Quality General Managers (GMs). To ensure efficient and stable quality control, TEL has five working groups in place, including the Quality council, Engineering council, Production council, Purchasing council, and EHS council. These working groups collaborate to pursue organization-wide quality assurance activities across all divisions.
To constantly maintain high quality standards, TEL has also been working since 1997 to acquire ISO 9001 quality management system certification at various sites. Nine sites (primarily manufacturing operations) have achieved this certification to date.  
Thanks in part to our efforts under this framework, there were no legal or regulatory violations of TEL’s products and services in fiscal year 2018.

Quality Enlightenment Activities (Posters for in-house Display / Quality Commitment Card)

To ensure that our "quality first" principle is recognized and practiced by every employee, the TEL Group is undertaking an internal communications initiative. Specifically, we've displayed quality promotion posters where many employees can see them, and distributed quality commitment cards to all employees.

The TEL quality commitment card was issued to all employees in September 2004, with the purpose of sharing the basic TEL philosophy on quality. Since more than ten years have passed since the card was first issued, a revised card was distributed to all employees to ensure they get the updated version of our commitment to quality. Quality is a priority issue for employees in all lines of business, not just in products and services, and must be diligently pursued to achieve the goals of our medium term management plan.

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