Nov 21, 2017

Tokyo Electron Taiwan Holds Central District Preliminary for 2nd Robot Combat Students with Big Dreams Enter Their Robots / 東京威力科創 第二屆機器人大賽中區初賽登場 選手抱機器人夢參賽

Tokyo Electron (TEL) in Hsinchu, Taiwan, a group company of the leading semiconductor production equipment manufacturer TEL, has been sponsoring the TEL Robot Combat since 2016 with the purpose of identifying promising engineering talents. As the competition enters its second year, TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan held preparatory briefings at a number of university campuses across Taiwan beginning in September 2017, attracting wide attention.

Preliminaries for the Robot Combat are held in three districts (North, Central, and South), and surviving teams compete in the finals. At the Central District preliminary held on Saturday, November 18 at the basketball court in B1 of the National Chung Hsing University gymnasium in Taichung, 61 teams from 21 universities in the district competed against each other. The participants consisted of students of science and engineering departments, including those majoring in machine engineering, mechanical design, mechanical and computer-aided engineering, photoelectronic engineering, aviation and electronic engineering, materials science and engineering, information engineering, automatic control engineering, electronics, and electric machine engineering. The participants’ backgrounds varied: some took interest in robotics inspired by U.S. movie Real Steel, and there were also veteran “bonus hunters” who had been building robots since their childhood in order to win prizes in competitions. These and many other entrants all competed seriously to win.

In the preliminary competition, the teams are first tasked to assemble and complete a robot within one hour. A referee determines winning teams, who are qualified to move on to the next competition held in the afternoon. The next round consists of a series of 3-minute one-on-one battles. After a fierce competition, the following six teams made it to the finals: Group A: Team “Aragaki Yui Is My Bride” from National Taiwan Ocean University, Chung Hua University, and National United University; Group B: Team “How to Basic” from National Taichung University of Science and Technology; Group C: Team “Puli Springs” (埔里山泉水) from National Chi Nan University; Group D: Team “Very Excited” (很有興機) from National Chung Hsing University; Group E: Team “Erudite Scholars Come in Good Spirits to Talk With Me” (談笑有鴻儒) from National Chung Cheng University; and Group F: Team “Oh! Xiaoxin Is Here” (Oh!小信來了) from National Cheng Kung University.

The six finalists from the Central District will compete with 12 finalists from the North and South Districts on November 25 at Penglai B6 Warehouse in the Pier 2 Art Center in Kaohsiung. If you are interested in this competition, come and cheer the 18 teams as they battle for the championship in the TEL Robot Combat finals.

半導體大廠Tokyo Electron(TEL)台灣子公司-東京威力科創,為了發掘及吸引更多產業人才,自2016年舉辦首屆「東京威力科創機器人大賽/TEL Robot Combat」 。今年第二屆機器人大賽自9月份開始,藉由校園說明會的宣傳,在校園間引起討論並號召許多同學組隊參與。比賽將舉辦北、中、南區三場初賽及一場總決賽。 11月18日星期六,假中興大學體育館 B1籃球場舉行中區初賽,由21所學校報名,61隊伍,其中涵蓋機械工程、機械設計、機械與電腦輔助工程、光電工程、航空與電子工程、材料科學工程、資訊工程、自動控制工程、電子、電機工程等理工科系的同學報名組隊參加,不僅有深受好萊塢機器人電影「鋼鐵擂台」影響而愛上機器人的同學參賽,更有從小就對機器人充滿興趣並積極參與各項機器人大賽的獎金獵人組隊參加,爭奪晉級決賽的資格。


決賽晉級隊伍為「A組」由臺灣海洋大學、中華大學及聯合大學組成的「新垣結衣は俺の嫁」隊勝出;「B組」由臺中科技大學組成的「How To Basic」勝出;「C組」由暨南國際大學組成的「埔里山泉水」隊勝出;「D組」則由來自中興大學的「很有興機」勝出;「E組」由中正大學「談笑有鴻儒」隊獲勝;「F組」由成功大學「Oh!小信來了」隊勝出。


About Tokyo Electron

TEL, established in 1963, is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment. TEL has 75 operating bases for research & development, manufacturing, sales, and service in 16 countries and regions in North America, Europe, and Asia, offering the latest equipment and services of the highest quality. TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan is located within the Hsinchu Science Park.

關於Tokyo Electron
Tokyo Electron (TEL)成立於1963年,為半導體以及平面顯示器製造設備的領導先驅,全球皆設有研發、製造、銷售共75個據點,遍佈美國、歐洲、亞洲等16個國家,致力於提供最先進的設備以及最優質的服務。東京威力科創台灣總部位於新竹科學園區。