Jun 26, 2017

Tokyo Electron Taiwan Protects Scenic Coastline Cooperating with Citizens in a Cleanup Initiative / 東京威力科創攜手民眾 淨灘作公益 守護海岸線

Tokyo Electron (TEL) in Hsinchu, Taiwan, a group company of the leading semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment manufacturer TEL, held a beach cleanup event on June 17 in Hsinchu where the company is located. Conducted as part of the “TEL’s Social contribution”, the cleanup activity for preserving the beautiful Taiwanese coastline is tied to a donation program, in which the company dishes out an amount proportionate to the number of people who participated in the cleanup and the volume of collected waste. All donations will be given to an institution that supports people with disabilities.

On the day of the event, many TEL employees, their families, and citizen volunteers gathered at the Kanhai Park in Hsinchu. After doing a light calisthenics routine guided by a professional trainer, the participants were divided into groups to clean the beach. All participants worked hard together despite the scorching sun, and the employees took this opportunity to reaffirm their commitment to preserve the environment. Many citizens who happened to be strolling on the beach also joined in the action. Furthermore, used items were collected at the venue for recycling, and Taiwanese receipts (with lottery numbers) were exchanged with giveaway items, both of which proved very popular. More than 150 people participated in this event, collecting over 300kg of plastic waste and other refuse that resulted in a donation of NT$450,000. The cash donation and collected receipts will be given to the National Nantou Special School, to which the company has been making donations since last year.

TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan will continue to engage in various TEL’s Social contribution in and outside the company.

TOKYO ELECTRON (TEL) 身為國際領導品牌的半導體以及平面顯示器製造設備商,在台子公司東京威力科創,於6月 24日作為TEL FOR GOOD活動的一部分,號召員工、家屬及民眾於公司所在地新竹市舉辦守護台灣的美麗海岸線淨灘活動。此淨灘活動將參加人員數加上垃圾總量轉換成公益金,預定捐贈給身障社福單位。
東京威力科創今後也會於公司內、外舉辦各種TEL FOR GOOD活動。

About Tokyo Electron

TEL, established in 1963, is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment. TEL has 75 operating bases for research & development, manufacturing, sales, and service in 16 countries in North America, Europe, and Asia (as of April 1, 2017), offering the latest equipment and services of the highest quality. TEL in Hsinchu, Taiwan is located within the Hsinchu Science Park.

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