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What is a semiconductor anyway?

Materials that allow electricity to flow through them (such as metals) are known as conductors, and those that hardly let electricity flow through them (including rubber) are called insulators. Semiconductors have a conductivity value between that of a conductor and an insulator. Devices using semiconductor materials (known as semiconductor chips or simply semiconductors) can store data and calculate numbers, and are used as crucial components of electronic devices and appliances.

The Nanotec Museum site that introduces
the principles and history of nanotechnology

TEL is indispensable for semiconductor production

TEL is a company that makes semiconductor production equipment. Manufacturers of advanced semiconductors invariably use TEL’s equipment, which makes TEL indispensable for semiconductor production. We would like to show you the range of activities we are pursuing as a leading global company.

TEL x Semiconductors
= Future

The shift to a data society is taking place at an accelerated pace, driving demand for diverse semiconductors that are faster, more powerful, and friendlier to the environment.
In this environment, manufacturers of semiconductor production equipment must prepare for the future by continuing to develop innovative technologies.
We leverage our global business network to swiftly discern what our customers will need, even in the next generation and beyond.
We closely align our development bases in Japan and abroad and collaborate with external consortia, research institutes, and academia, aiming to produce innovative technologies for our equipment.

Outer space

Semiconductors enable further exploration and exploitation of space.

  • Microsatellites
  • Remote sensing
  • Space travel


In the fast-expanding field of biomedicine, semiconductors and nanotechnology play critical roles.

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Personalized medicine
  • Minimally invasive medicine
  • Body area network (BAN)

Communications and networks

Semiconductors contribute significantly to the rapid expansion and transformation of networks.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cyber physical systems (CPS)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Communications

Public and social domains

Advancements in digital communications have greatly transformed our life and society. Semiconductors are the hidden driver of those technological feats.

  • Cloud
  • Social innovation
  • Ambient intelligence-based society
  • The future of the web


Innovations such as quantum computers and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) will be solving problems that far exceed the capabilities of today’s supercomputers. Semiconductors are the key to making such an evolution possible.

  • AI
  • Big data analytics


Nanotechnology and semiconductors are now the basis of manufacturing, and their advancement is essential to the industry’s growth.

  • Next generation manufacturing
  • Materials
  • Computing
  • Robotics
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