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  • Point1Let’s watch something on TV!
  • Point2Hello! Where are you now?
  • Point3Papa, please don't turn off
    the computer just yet.
  • Point4Phew, I made it!
  • Point5Hmm, what should I make for
    dinner tonight?
  • Point6It’s so hot outside but so nice
  • Point7I want a good ride as much as
    I want great mileage
  • Point8Hold on tight!
  • Point9Green light!
  • Point10Oh no, my IC card’s out of
  • Point11Don’t let go off the escalator belt!
  • Point12Eleventh floor, please!
  • Point13Hey, let's check out this event.
  • Point14Look! The downtown area is
    running low on power.
  • Point15Task completed!

Semiconductor Introductory Content

Try to find the semiconductor!

Let's find the blue circle hiding in the city with Dr. TEL !
Click until you get yellow. The power of Tokyo Electron is introduced.
After finding 3 powers of Tokyo Electron, you will fly to the universe!

Let's find semiconductors with Dr. TEL

Tokyo Electron’s potential expands into outer space.

The semiconductors we use in space are produced by equipment made by Tokyo Electron.

They hold the key to myriads of dreams of ideas and technologies as yet unimagined.