Tokyo Electron Launches Ulucus™ G, a wafer thinning system for 300mm wafer fabrication

Tokyo Electron (TEL; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Kawai) today announced the launch of Ulucus™ G, a wafer thinning system for 300mm wafer fabrication.

Advanced patterning in semiconductor manufacturing requires increasingly higher flatness in silicon wafers. The trend of global labor shortage favors integrated wafer fabrication equipment that can perform multiple processes continuously and automatically.

In response, TEL has introduced Ulucus™ G, integrating an originally developed grinding unit with the LITHIUS Pro™ Z platform that has been fully production-proven in coating/developing applications. The new wafer thinning system enables fabrication of higher quality silicon wafers while reducing the manpower needed for mass production.

Ulucus™ G integrates the newly developed grinding unit, a scrub cleaning unit (featuring the single-wafer cleaning technology cultivated in NS and CELLESTA™ series) and a spin wet etch unit. All of these are single-wafer processing units which allows control over the quality of each wafer.

Inspection units can also be incorporated into the system, enabling in-system feedback and feedforward of process metrics for realizing high flatness, clean ,and low damage wafer fabrication without relying on human skills.

“As wafer fabrication is one of the critical processes that lead to further enhancement of semiconductor performance, wafer manufacturers are being requested to produce higher quality fabricated wafers continuously,” said Yohei Sato, General Manager of ATS BU at TEL. “Our newly developed Ulucus™ G is a solution that integrates a grinding unit, a scrub cleaning unit and a wet etch unit into one system, enabling high-quality processing of both sides of wafers as well as saving manpower. We will continue with the efforts to develop new technologies and launch products that meet our customers’ needs.”

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