Tokyo Electron Announces the Launch of PICP™ Pro Plasma Etch Systems for Manufacturing 8th Generation Flat Panel Displays

Tokyo Electron (TEL; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Kawai) announced today the launch of Impressio™ 2400 PICP™ Pro, a plasma etch system for processing 8th generation (G8)* glass substrates featuring the new PICP™ Pro chamber for high resolution processes.

The manufacture of G8 displays—which are mainly used for large TVs and IT products—requires the etch process a large substrate area by means of high-density uniform plasma. As high-resolution, enhanced displays including OLEDs are becoming increasing larger in size, equipment for manufacturing those displays needs to control particles and other process conditions more strictly than before.

In response to these market demands, TEL has developed the PICP Pro etch systems for the G8 display segment, with an enlarged version of the PICP Pro plasma module that has a track record in the G6 market for improving yield and production stability. By augmenting the high-precision etch performance of TEL’s proprietary PICP high-density plasma source with a new capability to control the plasma-space-generating area, the PICP Pro systems can reduce the generation of particles that adversely affect the maintenance cycle and yield, achieving lower running costs compared with previous PICP.

“The PICP Pro for G6 display segment that we released in March 2021 has been highly praised by many customers,” said Hiroshi Ishida, General Manager, FPD BU at TEL. “Customers’ investments in the G8 display segment are growing as they are increasingly interested in new breeds of displays. To address the rising needs, we have developed the PICP Pro for the G8 display segment. We intend to keep offering superior etch precision and higher yield in the advanced display segment.”

TEL continues to provide innovative technologies and effective solutions that satisfy market needs.

Eighth generation (G8) substrate size: 2160 × 2400, 2200 × 2500, 2250 × 2610, 2290 × 2620 (unit in mm)

Impressio™ 2600 PICP™ Pro, Impressio™ 2650 PICP™ Pro, and Impressio™ 2700 PICP™ Pro are also being launched.

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