TEL Announces the Launch of CELLESTA™ SCD, a Single Wafer Cleaning System

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced today the launch of the CELLESTA™ SCD single wafer cleaning system, scheduled for release in January 2021.

TEL’s CELLESTA series of products are widely used for cleaning silicon wafers in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The soon-to-be-released CELLESTA SCD integrates a dedicated supercritical drying chamber on the mass production-proven CELLESTA platform.

In wafer cleaning, it has been customary to employ low surface tension alcohol solutions in the drying process. However, due to continued semiconductor scaling and adoption of multi-layer structures in highly advanced devices, pattern collapse in the drying process has become one major issue. In response, TEL has developed a pattern collapse-free drying method that uses a supercritical fluid, bringing the technology to the market as equipment for mass production.

With the addition of CELLESTA SCD and its dramatically improved cleaning and drying technologies to the existing line of single wafer cleaning systems, TEL is meeting advanced technological needs in semiconductor manufacturing to drive further growth of the semiconductor industry.

“CELLESTA SCD offers an innovative technological solution to the wafer-drying challenges in the post cleaning process for manufacturing advanced semiconductor devices,” said Keiichi Akiyama, Vice President & General Manager, CTSPS BU at TEL. “We will continue to leverage our ability to develop innovative technologies and deliver high value-added products, providing optimum solutions for technological issues associated with the most advanced semiconductor devices.”

TEL will be showcasing CELLESTA SCD at SEMICON Japan 2020 Virtual.
Please visit our virtual booth during the show.
Period: 2020/12/11 ~2021/1/15

CELLESTA is a registered trademark or trademark of Tokyo Electron Group in Japan and/or other countries.