TEL Announces the Launch of Elius™500 Pro, an Inkjet Printing System for OLED Display Production

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced today the launch of the Elius™500 Pro Inkjet printing system for manufacturing organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays.

In recent years, there have been significant advances in the Inkjet-based OLED production technology, prompting display manufacturers to accelerate their product development efforts. In response to this market need, TEL has newly developed the Elius500 Pro Inkjet printing system for producing OLED displays using G2 substrates (up to 370 mm x 470 mm).

Designed primarily as a product development tool for display manufacturers, Elius500 Pro is capable of dispensing up to 12 kinds of ink at once.

When depositing a light-emitting organic layer, Elius500 Pro can concurrently inject just the right amounts of red, green, and blue (RGB) light-emitting materials into each pixel. The system can also produce a resolution of 200 PPI or higher, which is necessary for 8K TVs and some advanced IT devices.

Since 2014, TEL has been marketing the Elius2500 Inkjet printing system capable of producing large OLED displays on G8.5 substrates (up to 2,200 mm x 2,500 mm). In addition, Elius1000 was launched in 2018 for manufacturing high-definition OLED displays on G4.5 substrates (up to 730 mm x 920 mm).

“Elius500 Pro is a system best suited for developing high-definition OLED displays,” said Hiroshi Ishida, TEL FPD Business Unit General Manager. “This Inkjet printing system will accelerate the development of OLED technology and help improve our customers’ production efficiency going forward.”

TEL is committed to delivering high value-added products based on its unique technology development prowess, to provide useful technologies and optimal solutions that satisfy market needs.