TEL Announces the Launch of CELLESTA™ Pro SPM, a Single Wafer Cleaning System

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced today the upcoming launch of the CELLESTA™ Pro SPM single wafer cleaning system in May 2019.

CELLESTA Pro SPM is a single wafer SPM processing system for wet metal etching with controlled selectivity for TiN and W films, as well as post-CMP and post-ash clean processes. The system uses a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide (sulfuric peroxide mixture: SPM) for cleaning and wet etch processes.

As the previous CELLESTA products are mainly used in the cleaning process for memory and logic devices, the upcoming CELLESTA Pro SPM has been developed specifically to address the technical needs of advanced devices with increasingly finer geometry and multiple layers. With the introduction of dedicated SPM chambers , the system can be configured with up to 18 chambers with small footprint and is 1.5 times more productive than its predecessors available in the market, achieving the highest productivity/footprint ratio in the world and enabling customers to significantly boost their cleanroom efficiency.

In answering a global call to mitigate the environmental burdens, TEL has developed and implemented a proprietary technology to significantly reduce the use of sulfuric acid, which can reduce the cost of SPM chemicals by up to 50%.

The newly developed SPM chamber also incorporates splash-less technology as well as antifouling and self-cleaning features, reducing in-process contamination from chemical splashes and mists. These features render the system maintenance-free for wet metal etch processes, significantly improving availability and reducing cost of investment and manufacturing for customers.

“CELLESTA Pro SPM delivers a technological solution for advanced chip scaling and also addresses the issue of environmental burdens,” said Keiichi Akiyama, Vice President and General Manager, CTSPS BU at TEL. “We will go on responding to even more challenging problems of the future by enhancing technology development and expanding our product line.”

TEL is showcasing CELLESTA Pro SPM at SEMICON China, scheduled for March 20-22, 2019 in Shanghai. Please visit our booth (Hall N5-5419).

CELLESTA is a registered trademark or trademark of Tokyo Electron Group in Japan and/or other countries.