Tokyo Electron Announces the Launch of the Stratus™ P500, a system capable of ECD on panel substrates with wafer level precision

Billerica, MA - July 6, 2017 - Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced the launch of the StratusTM P500, the next generation plating tool. This panel scale plating tool is a semiconductor industry game changer because it brings higher quality, wafer level chemistries to glass and epoxy panel substrates. Plating roadmaps in advanced packaging are driving to the extremes, requiring faster more uniform filling of either smaller or larger topographical features. By expanding the platable area, the P500 disrupts the semiconductor manufacturing industry and increases productivity more than three times. Stratus P500 is running at several customer sites.

TEL delivers multiple, repeat orders of StratusTM P300 to global supplier for cutting edge, advanced packaging semiconductor manufacturing. The Stratus P300 has more plating positions than the competition providing superior on wafer results, with better uniformity, at faster plating speeds. Greater processing power helps chip manufacturers achieve better costs of ownership for longer plating applications, such as copper pillar, interposer and fan-out wafer level packaging. For customers who supply multiple advanced packaging features, including shorter plating time applications, like copper redistribution layers (RDL), the P300's high speed wafer handling system delivers the flexibility and extendibility to produce both large and small features.

Tom Walsh, TEL NEXX President shared, "At TEL, we've tried to make 'More than Moore' a reality by bringing equipment solutions that can plate advanced packaging features with wafer scale performance on both 300 mm wafers and larger substrates. TEL is committed to partnering with our customers to make cutting edge technologies, like fan out and higher performance electronics, a possibility."
Come visit us at SEMICON West to find out more about TEL, including the development of our new high speed sputtering system, at TEL's booth, North Hall - 6168 of the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA on July 11 – 13, 2017.

About Stratus P300:
•  Stratus P300 system is an advanced packaging plating tool with both bridge tool capability and up to 30 wafer processing positions; critical for high volume production of fan out, copper pillar and TSV
•  Increases throughputs up to 2x to deliver higher plating speeds for the most challenging electrochemical deposition (ECD) applications
•  Swift customer acceptance with repeat orders.

TEL NEXX brings exceptional technical expertise to advanced packaging and 3D integration. Our product lines provide the most efficient, yet affordable, systems of their kind: Apollo for multi-layer sputter deposition of metals, and Stratus for high throughput electro-deposition of metals.