Call for technology proposals for improving the environmental performance of TEL’s equipment

In response to global climate change and more stringent environmental regulations, TEL recently introduced a supply chain initiative called E-COMPASS to proactively meet these challenges. TEL is determined to act as a strong industry leader and follow its corporate philosophy “We strive to contribute to the development of a dream-inspiring society through our leading-edge technologies and reliable service and support,” TEL is making an open call to other companies and research institutions in our industry to submit proposals for new sustainable technologies and sustainable products for evaluation. This will enable a step toward the co-creation of values.

Application guideline

Eligibility requirements

Any business and research institutions that own technologies that can potentially contribute to the improved environmental performance of semiconductor and flat panel display production equipment—which is TEL’s main field of business—are eligible to apply. Environmental technology owned by prospective applicants can be in a form of a product or technology itself including an element technology.

How to apply

Download and fill out the application form linked to this website, convert the completed form into a PDF file, and email the completed PDF file to the following address:
Subject: 2021 Tokyo Electron E-COMPASS Application


TEL’s selection panel members will screen all applications, and selected application will be notified in due course. After a non-disclosure agreement is signed (if required), TEL’s representatives will engage in in-depth discussions with the applicants with a view to commencing the proposed research and development or purchasing the products.

Criteria for selection

To be selected, the proposal (or product) must match with the intent of this program and be connected to the technological needs or the seeds of technologies held by TEL.

R&D expenses

The cost of doing joint research and development on the technology that has been selected (and the cost of product development if applicable) will be discussed between the two parties, following which the possibility of financial aid by TEL may be considered.

Non-disclosure agreement

The information submitted on the application form will only be used for the purpose of selection within TEL (including TEL Group companies). In principle, non-disclosure agreements will not be signed for the application process. Applicants should only disclose the information they choose to reveal at the time the application is made. (in view of the terms written above)

Contact for queries: