Conference presentations

SEMICON West 2018

The topic at this time is SEMICON West 2018 held in San Francisco, U.S. from 7/10 to 7/12. This event is an international semiconductor exhibition related companies as many people know. Even reflecting the recent semiconductor-related economic boom, a lot of peoples visited comparing to the last year.
This year's theme of SEMICOM West2018 is "Beyond Smart". As represented by "Smart Living" utilizing semiconductors and IoT, our lives are becoming more and more convenient, but what is the world beyond that? It is a very exciting theme. There were seven keynotes on 4 related to AI, besides that, there were lectures on topics that are currently drawing attention, such as machine learning and the future of autonomy.
Tokyo Electron (TEL)'s theme is "Technology for Eco Life". This is the theme with a thought that the earth will be saved by providing sustainable technology when we think in terms of environment. TEL will also develop environmentally friendly technologies to support the future "Smart Living" and "Beyond Smart".