Tokyo Electron Ranked No. 1 in Stakeholder Capitalism Ranking in Forbes JAPAN’s “Inclusive Company Ranking 100”

Tokyo Electron (TEL) ranked top in the Stakeholder Capitalism Ranking conducted by Forbes JAPAN, the Japanese edition of the world-renowned economic magazine, as part of the feature article “Inclusive Company Ranking 100” published in the December 2023 issue (on sale October 25, 2023).
To make the original ranking, Forbes JAPAN collected and analyzed sustainability data of 1,836 companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Prime Market. The data were then analyzed for each of the five categories (“Employees,” “Stockholders,” “Suppliers/Local Community,” “Customers/Consumers,” and “Earth”), and superior companies that live up to multiple stakeholders’ expectations were selected.
TEL’s vision is to be “A company filled with dreams and vitality that contributes to technological innovation in semiconductors.” The vision is based on the principle that CSV* (creating shared value) equals TSV (TEL’s shared value), and TEL will utilize its expertise cultivated as an industry-leading company and accelerate innovation in semiconductor technology to expand medium- to long-term profits and continuously enhance corporate value.

TEL will continue to prioritize sustainability in corporate management and strive to realize this vision through constant stakeholder engagement, keeping in mind that our corporate growth is enabled by people, and our employees both create and fulfill company values.

CSV (creating shared value): A concept reflecting the belief that companies can create social and economic value by employing their proprietary resources and expertise to resolve social issues, thereby increasing their respective corporate value and enabling sustainable development.