TEL Recognized as a DX-certified Business Operator by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Tokyo Electron (TEL; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Kawai) announced that the company has been recognized as a DX-certified business operator under the Digital Transformation (DX) Certification initiative established by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
The DX Certification is a national initiative to certify companies that are ready to digitally transform their business (i.e., DX-ready) in line with the guidelines established by the government.

In an effort to promote DX, TEL formulated the TEL DX Vision in January 2021 with the aim of becoming “a global company where all employees drive enterprise value creation sustainably through activities such as value addition and efficiency improvements by leveraging digital technology.”
The main purpose of DX activities at TEL is to accelerate and enhance our management’s critical initiatives to address the four material issues through digital technology. Under the TEL DX Vision, the company is taking actions to improve “product competitiveness” and “customer responsiveness” as well as to attain “higher productivity” by utilizing the data and digital technology in the fields of development, production, and field solutions. As these measures require us to enhance our “management foundation,” we are building a strong data governance structure and data infrastructure while also offering digital skills training to all employees.

We feel honored to receive the DX Certification, and will continue to take further actions to promote DX throughout the company with the conviction that DX is an essential means and opportunity for attaining our business vision and management plans as we seek to create corporate value.

About the DX Certification:
The DX Certification is based on the Act on Facilitation of Information Processing. The national certification initiative certifies companies that meet the basic requirements specified in the "Digital Governance Code." The screening and certification process is handled by the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan