Miyagi Technology Innovation Center Wins "New Office Promotion Award" in the 35th Nikkei New Office Award

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announced today that the Miyagi Technology Innovation Center of Tokyo Electron Miyagi, a manufacturing subsidiary of TEL, received the “New Office Promotion Award” in the 35th Nikkei New Office Award program, becoming one of 16 winners of the award chosen from 131 applicants. Sponsored by Nikkei, Inc., and the New Office Promotion Association (NOPA), the Nikkei New Office Award aims to promote and popularize a new generation of offices by giving recognition to offices showing originality and invention.

The Miyagi Technology Innovation Center was developed under the keyword “Link,” which inspired a design connecting the local community with the natural environment and the future. The Center earned this honor on the strength of its liberal use of local materials including minamisanriku cedars.

The first and second floors contain the Innovation Area for the co-creation of new technologies—an open and cozy space that makes one feel welcome to stay. The third and fourth floors house the Creative Office featuring an open, well-lit space for communication with a central atrium that admits soft ambient lights from large sidelights near the ceiling.

We will continue to improve our workplace environments to ensure all employees remain fit and healthy in body and mind, while keeping our factories in harmony with local communities.

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New Office Promotion Association (NOPA)

List of winners of the 35th Nikkei New Office Award

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1.南側の森と従業員の活動の場をつなげるエコガーデン (1).jpg

The Eco Garden brings employee activities closer to a forest to the south.


The Innovation Area (2nd floor) features works of art by local students in Miyagi.

3.自然光が降り注ぐ明るく開放的な吹抜け空間(3階) (1).jpg

An open and well-lit atrium admits soft ambient lights (3rd floor).