Inadequacies of Applications for Installing Equipment Utilizing High Frequency Current as Required by the Radio Act

Tokyo Electron (TEL) discovered that there were certain inadequacies in application procedures made by TEL and some of the TEL Group companies* for installing “equipment utilizing high frequency current”** as required by the Radio Act. We have therefore conducted internal investigations of all domestic manufacturing bases. Through these investigations, we have confirmed inadequacies in our application procedures for a total of 793 pieces of equipment. These include high-frequency power units attached to semiconductor production equipment and ozone gas generators, together with induction cookware for employee cafeterias. We have reported the results of these investigations to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as well as to the Regional Bureaus of Telecommunications concerned. As a result, we have received administrative guidance today from the Ministry, instructing us to adhere with the Radio Act and take thorough measures to prevent recurrences.

Regarding the equipment utilizing high frequency current for which inadequacies of application procedures have been found, we have confirmed that none of these inadequacies have caused radio frequency interference or any similar trouble, due to the way the equipment is constructed and the manner of its use within our group. We note that we have been granted post facto permission, and that we duly gave related customers using the production equipment sold by us the necessary notices.

We take these procedural inadequacies very seriously and are making company-wide efforts to prevent recurrences while further strengthening our compliance systems.

* TEL Group companies found to have inadequacies in their application procedures:

•Tokyo Electron Miyagi Ltd. (Taiwa-cho, Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi)

•Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd. (Koshi City, Kumamoto)

•Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd. (Yamanashi Office) (Nirasaki City, Yamanashi)

•Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd. (Tohoku Office) (Oshu City, Iwate)

** Equipment utilizing high frequency current

Installation of the following types of equipment in principle requires permission from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (Article 100, the Radio Act): (1) telegraphy, telephony, or other communications equipment that conducts electrical current at frequencies of 10 kHz or higher through electric line; and (2) industrial heating, medical, and other equipment which utilizes electric current at frequencies of 10 kHz or higher.