Apr 17, 2020

Response to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (5th report)

As the Japanese government expanded the state of emergency to cover the entire nation on April 16th, the Tokyo Electron (TEL) Group has announced the following response policy:

State of operations at offices
In principle, employees at offices covered by the state of emergency declaration of April 8th (Akasaka Headquarters, Fuchu Office, Osaka Branch Office) are to continue working remotely.
TEL’s four development/manufacturing bases in Japan (Iwate, Miyagi, Yamanashi, Kumamoto) will remain in operation after taking every possible measure to prevent infections.
As for technical support that is essential to our customers’ business, we will continue to provide the services if so requested by the customers, after making sure proper safety precautions are in place.

State of logistics
While the transport of our components and parts has been partially affected by the reduced number of flights, no transport of our equipment has been affected to date, thanks to the close coordination with our customers.
We will carefully assess the impact of the expanded state of emergency and respond appropriately.

Observing the guidelines issued by governments of Japan and other countries, etc., TEL puts the highest priority on maintaining the safety and health of all our stakeholders—including our employees and customers—and is taking measures to prevent the spread of infections. At the same time, we take responsible measures to keep providing our products and services to ensure the continuity of our business.

We will keep gathering information on all fronts and take necessary measures based on our response policy.

* Please note that the measures described above may be revised as the situation changes.