Response to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (3rd report)

Regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak, first, we would like to express our sincerest hope that all virus-infected pneumonia patients will recover soon.

Tokyo Electron (TEL) organized the Emergency Task Force at its headquarters and has been continually implementing countermeasures. The response policy and the principal measures that have been adopted by the TEL Group are as follows:

Our response policy

Subject to the guidelines issued by governments of Japan and other countries, etc., TEL puts the highest priority on maintaining the safety and health of all our stakeholders—including our employees and customers—and is taking measures to prevent the spread of infections. At the same time, we take responsible measures to keep providing our products and services to ensure the continuity of our business.

On business travel restrictions

・Employees are advised not to travel on business within Japan and to areas other than China unless it is urgent and necessary.
・Employees may not in principle travel to any area of China (including Hong Kong) or any country/region to which the Japanese government recommends avoiding travel (including South Korea and some parts of Italy). We will continue to gather information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and external risk assessment agencies to make any further decisions as needed.
・Overseas support for customers is being provided mainly through our local subsidiaries as before.

Preventive measures against infection

・At business locations where the use of public transport is necessary, we implement flextime and remote work arrangements as much as possible.
・We have imposed a voluntary restriction on large meetings (in favor of online meeting).
・We have imposed a voluntary restriction on participation in and/or hosting of large parties and events.
・Visitors to our premises may be restricted or subject to take temperature or health screening questions, etc.

State of our supply chain

・While the transport of our components and parts has been partially affected by the reduced number of flights, no transport of our equipment has been affected to date, thanks to the close coordination with our customers.
・Our parts procurement has not been significantly affected at present. We are continually checking the state of our suppliers, however, and will consider increasing our inventories and/or finding alternative suppliers as needed. We will continue to closely monitor any new developments and take appropriate measures.

We will keep gathering information on all fronts and take necessary measures based on our response policy.

* Please note that the measures described above may be revised as the situation changes.