Jan 4, 2019

Response to the earthquake occurred on January 3rd in Kumamoto, Japan

As for the earthquake occurred in Kumamoto around 18:48 on January 3rd, the situation of the Koshi Plant and Ozu Plant is as follows:

We have been able to confirm that TEL group employees at the Koshi Plant and the Ozu Plant in Kumamoto region are unharmed, and the constructions of these buildings sustained no damage and we expect no influence on our business. Both plants are to be open on January 7th as scheduled.

Outline of Koshi / Ozu Plant, Tokyo Electron Kyushu
Business´╝ÜDevelopment and manufacturing of coater/developer, surface preparation system and FPD coater/developer Location´╝Ü
Koshi Plant: 1-1 Fukuhara, Koshi-shi, Kumamoto
Ozu Plant: 272-4 Takaono, Ozu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto