Tokyo Electron Selected as Excellent Business Operator of Eco-ship Modal Shift for 2022

Tokyo Electron (TEL) and Tokyo Electron BP have been chosen for commendation by the Maritime Bureau Director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The commendation comes as part of the 2022 Eco-ship Mark Certification program sponsored by the Eco-ship Modal Shift Business Execution Committee.

We were chosen for this honor as we have actively implemented modal shifts* in domestic and overseas transportation and also adopted packaging methods with less environmental impact, thereby reducing the burden on the environment associated with logistics operations.

Specifically, we have switched our product packaging materials in phases from wooden crates to reinforced corrugated fiberboard. Also, we have actively pursued modal shifts to achieve more sustainable transportation, including the use of ocean freight for long-distance transport.

As a result of these initiatives, the domestic adoption rate of reinforced corrugated fiberboard in packaging rose to 20.3% (in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2023), and CO2 emissions from our domestic transport decreased by 11.4% (in fiscal 2023) compared with what they would have been if no modal shift or shared shipping had been in place.

The TEL Group will continue to work to conserve the global environment and contribute to the development of a dream-inspiring society.

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At the award ceremony on May 26, 2023

Modal shift: a change in the means of transport—such as from automobiles and aircraft to railways and ships—to reduce the burden on the environment.