All TEL Group Companies in Japan Achieve a rate of 100% renewable energy usage

Tokyo Electron (TEL; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Kawai) announced that all TEL Group companies in Japan*1 achieved a rate of 100% renewable energy usage at plants and offices*2 in fiscal year 2023*3 as a result of its drive to use renewable energy (electricity) that began in April 2021. Through this initiative, TEL was able to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions arising from electricity consumption in Japan, and reduced about 150,000 tons of CO2 emissions during the year.

We have introduced a medium-term environmental goal of attaining a rate of 100% renewable energy usage in all TEL Group companies around the world by fiscal year 2031, and efforts in that direction are already in progress at our overseas offices and plants. In fiscal year 2023, our collective renewable energy usage rate in Japan and abroad was around 91%, and we reduced about 160,000 tons of CO2 emissions worldwide during the year.

We will continue to work together as one to achieve our medium-term environmental goals to help preserve the global environment.

TEL Group companies in Japan: Tokyo Electron, Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions , Tokyo Electron Kyushu , Tokyo Electron Miyagi , Tokyo Electron FE , Tokyo Electron BP.

Excluding leased properties of some sites

TEL’s electricity consumption in fiscal year 2023: about 331 GWh in Japan, 71 GWh overseas

TEL Group’s projected path to attaining a rate of 100% renewable energy usage
For details, please see pages 49-50 of the Tokyo Electron Sustainability Report 2022.