Tokyo Electron Chosen for both "FTSE Blossom Japan Index" and "MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index"

In July, 2017: Tokyo Electron has been chosen for “FTSE Blossom Japan Index” and “MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index”, both selected as ESG indices by GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund).

“FTSE Blossom Japan Index”, created by the global index company FTSE Russell, is designed as an industry neutral benchmark that reflects the performance of companies demonstrating strong environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices in Japan. FTSE Russell evaluations are based on performance in areas such as Corporate Governance, Health & Safety, Anti-Corruption and Climate Change. Businesses included in the “FTSE Blossom Japan Index” meet a variety of environmental, social and governance criteria.

“MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index” targets 50% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization of each Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®1) Sector and is designed to target companies that have high environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

“MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index” aims to target sector weights that reflect their relative weightings within the underlying indexes, to limit the systematic risk introduced by the ESG selection process. Overall, the index targets coverage of 50% of the underlying MSCI parent index.

1. GICS: Global Industry Classification Standard