Announcement on Organization Changes and Personnel Changes

Tokyo Electron (TEL) announces the following changes in organization and personnel.

1.Personnel Changes for Corporate Director of Subsidiary effective on Novermber 1st, 2023*


Continuing Position

New Position

Current Position

Junichi Kitano

Vice President
 & General Manager,
 Tokyo Electron Kyushu Ltd.
Member of the Board,
 TEL Manufacturing and
 Engineering of America, Inc.

Senior Executive
 Vice President,
 TEL Manufacturing and
 Engineering of America, Inc.
Member of the Board,
 TEL Technology Center,
 America, LLC

Deputy Division
 General Manager,
 Corporate Innovation
 Tokyo Electron Ltd.

The effective date for overseas subsidiaries depends on registration procedure of each country.

2.Partial Changes in Organization Effective on November 1st, 2023

Effective November 1st, an IR Annex (location: New York City) will be newly established directly under the president of Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, Inc. Since investors in North America have the largest amount of actively managed funds in the world, it is expected that promoting dialogue with investors in North America will help them properly evaluate TEL's corporate value. In addition, by diversifying TEL’s shareholder base, it can be expected to curb the volatility of TEL’s share price.