Announcement of New Building Construction for Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Tohoku Office

Tokyo Electron (TEL; Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Toshiki Kawai) announced today a plan to construct the Tohoku Production and Logistics Center (provisional name) at the Tohoku Office (Iwate Prefecture) of its manufacturing subsidiary, Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions, in an effort to meet the recent rise in demand in the semiconductor market.

As the shift toward a digital society accelerates, the semiconductor market is expected to continue to grow further.

The world’s progress toward digitalization and decarbonization has been spurring technological innovations, fueling the prospect of growth for the products developed and manufactured by Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions. In anticipation of the continued market expansion and diversification of technology needs, the Tohoku Production and Logistics Center will consolidate the company’s production and logistics capabilities to ensure the timely delivery of products, which in turn will contribute to sustainable medium and long-term growth of the company and contribute to the advancement of a dream-inspired society.

Construction of the Tohoku Production and Logistics Center is scheduled to start in spring 2024 for completion in fall 2025.

[Building Summary]
Location: Aza Sodeyama-jinai, Iwayado, Esashi, Oshu City, Iwate
Total floor area: Approx. 57,000 m² (planned)
Structure: Steel frame structure with a base isolation system
Number of floors: 2 (partially 3 for office area) above ground
Construction start: Spring 2024 (scheduled); Completion: Fall 2025 (scheduled)
Construction cost: Approx. 22 billion yen
Purpose: Manufacture of thermal processing and single-wafer deposition systems, logistic warehousing

[Business Profile of Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions]
Head office (Fujii office): 2381-1 Kitagejo, Fujii-cho, Nirasaki City, Yamanashi
Offices: Hosaka, Tohoku, Fuchu, Nagoya Satellite
Line of business: Development and manufacturing of thermal processing system, single wafer deposition system, gas chemical etch system, test system and FPD plasma etch/ash system


Completion image of new building (front view)


Completion image of new building

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