Apr 28, 2017

Initiatives to Promote Dialogue Over the Medium to Long term

Tokyo Electron (TEL) is committed to disclosing information on TEL and its group in a fair, just, and timely manner to enable all its stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, customers, and local communities, to correctly and fully understand the company and its group and to evaluate them appropriately.

In order to encourage a more accurate assessment by stakeholders of TEL's corporate value TEL has reviewed its information disclosure, and has decided to cease disclosing order and order backlog amount and balance data, for the following reasons.

Main reasons for ceasing disclosure of order data
・To raise emphasis on dialogue about raising TEL's fundamental corporate value, such as medium- to long term growth strategy
・To reduce extreme short term share price volatility and promote appropriate evaluation of corporate value

For sales figures, TEL will aim to disclose more detailed data such as by application type (logic, memory, etc.)
This will take effect from the FY2018 first quarter financial results announcement.

In recent years, in addition to financial data, the materiality of non-financial data has been gaining attention as part of promoting medium- to long term investment. TEL will continue to make efforts in disclosing information while considering the ideal form disclosure should take so that investors can properly evaluate both past financial data as of a given time, and short-, medium-, and long term corporate value.