Announcement on Organization Changes and Personnel Changes

Tokyo Electron Limited announces that the following partial changes in the organization and personnel changes have been decided.

1. Partial Changes in the Organization Effective on August 1, 2015
(1) "Human Resources Dept." and "Human Resources Development Center" will be merged to "Human Resources Dept." under Human Resources & General Affairs Division (General Manager: Tastuya Nagakubo).
(2) "SPE Development Planning Dept." will be newly established under SPE Development Division (General Manager: Gishi Chung)
(3) "VC Dept." will be transferred to Corporate Development Division (General Manager: Shigetoshi Hosaka) from New Product Development Division (General Manager: Yoichi Ishikawa).
(4) "Product Sales 1st Dept." and "Product Sales 2nd Dept." will be merged to "Product Marketing Dept." under ESBU (General Manager: Yoshinobu Mitano).

2. Personnel Changes Effective on August 1, 2015

NameContinuing Position*New PositionCurrent Position
Yuki MaejimaDirector,
Human Resources Dept.
Human Resources Development Center
Yasushi Mizusawa-Director,
SPE Development Planning Dept.
Senior Manager,
SPE Marketing Dept.
Hiromitsu Kambara-Director,
Product Marketing Dept.
Product Sales 1st Dept.
Hitoshi Mizusugi-Secondment to Tokyo Electron America, Inc.Director,
Product Sales 2nd Dept.