Notice concerning the Purchase of Shares Held by Untraceable Shareholders

Tokyo Electron Limited ("Tokyo Electron"), regarding the sale of untraceable shareholders' shares about which Tokyo Electron provided notice on November 28, 2014, announced that Tokyo Electron had resolved at a meeting of the board of directors held on May 13, 2015, pursuant to Article 197, paragraph 3 and 4 of the Companies Act, to purchase untraceable shareholders' shares as treasury stock.

1. Total number of shares purchased
37,971 common stocks

2. Purchase date
May 13, 2015

3. Purchase price per share
Closing price of the common stock of Tokyo Electron on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on purchase date (May 13, 2015). In the case of no selling or buying transactions on the purchase date, the price of the first selling or buying transactions conducted following the purchase date.

4. Total amount of shares purchased
The amount obtained by multiplying "3. Purchase price per share" and "1.Total number of shares purchased"