2024 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology & Circuits

Event Summary


2024.06.16 - 2024.06.20


Honolulu, Hawaii


Device Engineer Process Engineer

2024 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits, one of the most prestigious international conferences on semiconductor research, to be held from June 16 to June 20 in Honolulu, Hawaii!
The conference is composed of reports on research results of semiconductor device and circuit technologies.
VLSI Symposium is jointly organized by the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Electron Device Society and the IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society, and it is held every June.
We are proud that Takaaki Tsunomura (Corporate Innovation Division, Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) will serve as Symposium Co-Chair at the conference gathering experts on semiconductors.
TEL will give a presentation on an accepted technical paper, and a TEL employee will give a lecture by invitation in the short course.
Please look forward to our technology presentation that contributes to semiconductor technology innovation and global environment protection.

Monday, June 17, 10:30AM
Technology Short Course
Integration Challenges for Pitch Scaling in Advanced BEOL Interconnects
Hirokazu Aizawa
TEL Technology Center, America, LLC

Wednesday, June 19, 2:15PM
Session T6: Memory Technology: NAND, DRAM-1
Up to 57% Reduction in Effective Resistivity of Word Lines of 3D-NAND Memory by Grain-size Control, Material Selection, and Seam Removal
Hiroshi Terada1, Katsumasa Yamaguchi2, Tsubasa Yokoi2, Takashi Sameshima2, Keisuke Suzuki2, Genji Nakamura1, Hiroyuki Nagai1
1. Tokyo Electron Ltd., 2. Tokyo Electron Technology Solutions Ltd. © 2024 IEEE [1]
[1] H. Terada,, in Symp. VLSI Tech. & Circ. Dig., 2024, T6.4.