A must-see for device and process engineers! 76th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC 2023)

Event Summary


2023.10.09 - 2023.10.13


Device Engineer Process Engineer

The 76th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC 2023) will be held from October 9 to 13 at the Michigan League, Ann Arbor, MI. GEC is an annual international conference organized by the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics (DAMOP). Participants come from all over the world to engage in lively discussions on topics ranging from basic research to applications in plasma physics. Tokyo Electron (TEL), which has a broad product lineup including etch system and deposition system etc., will give three presentations, including a co-authored paper and an invited presentation!

-Session GW1.00004, Room: Michigan League, Henderson
State-of-the-art plasma etch process and technologies for high aspect ratio pattern

M. Tomura
Tokyo Electron Miyagi

M. Tomura, M. Honda, Y. Kihara
Tokyo Electron Miyagi

-Session FT3.00001, Room: Michigan League, Koessler
In-situ Diagnostics for Plasma Enhanced ALD and CVD

J. Zhao, Tokyo Electron America

J. Zhao1, J. Carroll1, P. L Ventzek1, C. Schlechte1, T. H. Yang2, T. Y. Wang2, S. Johnson2, J. G Ekerdt2, G. S Hwang2
1. Tokyo Electron America
2. University of Texas at Austin

-Session GW1.00002 : Plasma Etching II, Room: Michigan League, Henderson
Plasma-based pseudo-wet mechanism for cryogenic SiO2 etching using hydrogen-contained fluorocarbon gases with an in-situ surface analysis

S.N. Hsiao, Nagoya university

S.N. Hsiao1, M. Sekine1, T. Tsutsumi1, K. Ishikawa1, M. Iwata2, M. Tomura2, Y. Iijima2, T. Gohira2, K. Matsushima2, Y. Ohya2, M. Hori1
1. Nagoya university
2. Tokyo Electron