A must-see for Process engineers! AVS68

Event Summary


2022.11.06 - 2022.11.06


United States(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Process Engineer

AVS 68th International Symposium and Exhibition (AVS 68) will be held November 6-11, 2022, in Pittsburgh, PA. AVS68 addresses cutting edge issues associated with materials, processing and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities.
The theme for this year’s Symposium is “Imperfectly Perfect Materials.” The theme reflects the cross-cutting importance of defects in materials across the different programs in AVS. The Symposium program is planned as an in-person event – our first in three years and will consist of 140+ exciting oral and poster sessions, as well as many opportunities to network, collaborate, and socialize!
Tokyo Electron (TEL) will give 14 presentations, including two invited talks and co-authored projects. We hope that this would be a great opportunity to learn alongside the experts, explore the semiconductor industry, and network with notable professionals!